Lindt Cafe - Martin Place

Made my way to Lindt cafe on a chilly and windy afternoon.

There wasn't much of an ambiance in the cafe...

Ordered the hazelnut flavoured hot chocolate (sorry, I can't tell you the price, the cafe menu strayed from their website-- it was approximately $5-6). It was my first time there, obviously unaware that I had to mix my own hot chocolate, being the idiot that I am, I started scooping the milky froth and commented, "This tastes like.... milk"

My friend replied, "It... is milk. You're meant to mix the milk and chocolate together in your own cup"

Interesting concept.

Silky smooth texture running down your throat. Lovely rich hazelnut flavour. I enjoyed it very much!

Also got the tasting plate, it was nothing too special to be honest. Tagged at approx $25.50. Hefty. I prefer San Churros' churros..

I've had better brownies.
I've had so much Zumbo macrons, it's all starting to taste similar.
We got a strawberry filled chocolate, the other piece was a bit of a fondant.
I did enjoy the waffle with ice cream, I'm guessing it's white chocolate/vanilla bean flavoured. There was this awesome yet peculiar taste of white gold mudcake.

I'll be back to try the sundae, hot chocolate and more ice cream waffles!

Best way to end the day, sunset!

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