Finally saying adios to the cosmetics industry. Downside.. I have to start buying my own make up. However, working in the industry made me cut down on prep time and limiting the toxics I smear on my face, how ironic. Mascara and tinted moisturiser are two things I can't go without.

I've previously purchased from Strawberrynet (The ultimate stila kit-- I gave half of it away, the ones I kept, I haven't touched. And that was back in 09'... Something tells me other than the shit I  use, there should not be any reason for me to buy make up.)

My experience with Strawberrynet has been pleasant, prompt delivery followed by detailed packing. I received my order within 5 days (Free postage), the box had a purple ribbon! I took advantage of their promotion and redeemed a Stila lipgloss (which, I probably will never use and end up passing onto mum). My product of purchase- Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining Volume $28AUD was wrapped in ombre metallic paper :)


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