Thursday, September 6, 2012

TAG: How much my face is worth.

I use quite a few different products on rotation depending on accessibility and location convenience because I'm lazy like that. Before I start... I don't know the prices for most of these products because I haven't really purchased make up or skincare for the last 5 years, the only thing I forked money out in this lot was the lash curler (perks of working in the beauty industry.) Unfortunately I'll need to start purchasing my own goods once I finish everything up.. I'm quite scared to find out how much money I will actually need to spend...:\

Lets see how much my face is worth..

Left to Right

DR ALKAITIS organic eye creme $60
BIOTHERM SKIN-ERGETIC night cream.. approx $65
BIORE powercouple SPF 30 Lotion ..approx $13
BIORE nourishing gel cleanser ... approx $14

I forgot the one product I swear by -_-"! A'KIN Rosehip oil -- approx $15

 SHISEIDO mascara $50
SHISEIDO Lash curler $24
REVLON concealer.. approx $12

BLISTEX... approx $4
BOURJOIS bronzing powder... approx $12
SUPER BB CREAM ... approx $15

TOTAL : approx $284


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