Taronga Zoo - Sydney

I haven't been completely stagnant this holiday.
Most of the animals were asleep, bored and hardly moving. I haven't been to the zoo in a while so I was probably expecting a circus show.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bird show and the spider talk.

My Calippo was $3.50.... BRING YOUR OWN ICE CREAM.

We went to the food market for lunch, it's wasn't actually a market. More or less a chain fast-food joint, quenching their thirst by violating your wallet.

Advert: Taronga Zoo offers a selection of fresh seasonal food and beverage options to suit everyone. The 

My ass.

A shitty thin glucose bun stuffed with some dry shredded chicken and a tiny side of stale chips was approx $10. We refused to pay $10 for poor service and trailer trash food.

Out of hunger, large chips were purchased. It was disgusting, soggy and probably cooked in old oil.

I ended up paying more attention to poor parenting than the animals. A kid dropped her pacifier in the meerkat den, the idiot mother took off her shoes and climbed into the den in her quest to rescue the pacifier for her whinging, crying 5year old.

"Being amused by the way it fiercely responded, she began taunting it with her hand. I was so hoping it would bite off one of her fingers.. she deserved it, you shouldn't underestimate little animals. Don't you think? Tsk" (Anon). 

Anyway, negatives a side, the animals were pretty awesome. I didn't end up taking a lot of pictures.


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