Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Royal North Shore Day 1 & 2

My two week placement at Royal North Shore Hospital commenced on January 21st.

I'm suppose to keep a journal detailing the clients I saw and the sessions I sat in, well... what better way than to blog it?

I skipped yesterday, so I'll just briefly detail what we did. Mind you, this is my first clinical placement.

Day 1

The first day was a full orientation day, me and two other students from uni. We had a few ice breakers, discussed our needs, models, expectations, tours etc...

We were each placed on a 2-day rotation program - so we move to a different department every 3rd day.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of extra work, clinical tasks, deadlines, documentation, presentation, interviews etc etc......... oh and the fact that the hospital is huge.

I went home feeling pretty nervous. But uhh... lets see how today went..

Day 2

Today I was in paediatrics. I sent the morning observing OTs screen three 5year olds on their fine and gross motor performance. It was relatively fast paced, they had to write a full report during screening. A very busy morning.

A staff meeting following lunch. Where I had a chance to see everyone in the department. I also met my supervisor for Community.

I spent half an hour writing a client case documentation after lunch. Then I went sat/participated in another assessment with a 4year old boy.

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