A Taste of Sydney 2013 - Centennial Park

This was a highly anticipated, newly discovered event. It's like a food festival comprising some of sydney's finest and most popular restaurant as pop-up stores serving sample sized dishes at an affordable price + food demo + snack stores + sampling + wine sampling + every thing food! I got to try out a few restaurants that was on my list.

 You can purchase tickets at the door (MASSIVE LINE - AVOID! I recommend ticketek - pick up- I had some major delays when I ordered them to be delivered.)

No cash is accepted at stalls.  "Crowns" is their form of monetary exchange. $1 = 1 crown. You can purchase at the door and in the venue, or pre-buy it at ticketek and go pick it up at the booth on premises.

We got 2 tickets for $40 deal. And purchased $60 worth of crowns in total and used it all up!

Tumeric Chicken with rice noodles, wild ginger and thai basil
8 Crowns ($8)

Not bad, but it wasn't mind blowing. Very tumeric-y haha. Hardly any chicken.

Vanilla and coconut tapioca with seasonal fruit
6 Crowns ($6)

This was AMAZING, the most delicious dessert I've ever had. Very refreshing, we went back for seconds!

@The Cut Bar & Grill
Baked baby beetroot with red radish, heirloom tomato, goats-curd, pine nuts and endive leaf
6 Crowns ($6)

A good dish, very fresh. Nice combo with the goats curd and pine.

BBQ Cheese with honey, lemon and herbs
8 Crowns ($8)

This was really nice, not sure what sort of cheese it was, tasted something like chewy buffalo mozzarella.    

@Three Blue Ducks
Chocolate, Yuzu curd, Miso butterscotch + Orange
6 Crowns ($6)

My apologies for my inability to take clear photos :( This is a must have dish.. so unique! You won't taste the miso at all. 

 @Australian Pears Restaurant By Maggie Beer
Chocolate and fresh pear pudding
6 Crowns ($6)

This would've been a nice dish but the plain yoghurt they splattered on top tasted "off"... it was a really humid day. Otherwise the dark chocolate pudding would've been quite nice. Unfortunate.

We attended one of Bertolli Taste Kitchen session. We saw Shimpei Hatanaka from Sake Restaurant and Bar. He taught us how to fillet a fish and smoke the fish using tea. It was a really informative session, a great end to our night.

This was one of Dilmah's venue.. we were getting endless supply of warm tea as we sat for the 20min session. We discovered rose with vanilla and acai with pomegranate tea!

Really looking forward to next year! Did you go to Taste this year?


  1. All that food looks so delicious. They would have had to load me on a truck to take my home. I don't think I would have walked with a big full belly.

    I love the sound of those teas.

    Jac x0x


    1. Hahah! We ended up going for a 1hour long stroll to walk off the food! It was so good :)


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