Mode Nail Polish in Rave'n

Product Information

Mode Nail Enamels are fast-drying and simple to apply. Mode offers an extensive range of nail enamels to suit every occasion, and the nail polishes have been designed to provide even coverage that is chip-free. The flat-edge applicator brush ensures application is mess-free.
**information from Mode Cosmetics Site**

Mode is a part of Heritage Brand (Sub-brands : Australis, Revlon, Innoxa, LeTann, In Essence etc)

Price: $2.45 AUD -- received from Bellabox January 2013

Pack size: 15mL
Shade: Rave'n

Unknown :( Not written on bottle.



I did notice some difference in the brush, I'm very messy when it comes to nail polish but this was quite easy to apply and did not clump.

The colour is true to the bottle, neon orange, i love it.

As for fast drying... hmm not quite... it took about half an hour to dry completely.


Maybe, it takes forever for me to finish nail polish... or any product for that matter. But for less than $3 per bottle. Definitely a great buy!



  1. I've been going through and orange faze lately, I love the look of this. Mode is pretty good for the price, I've got about 14 of their nail polishes lol...

    Jac x0x

    1. Oh wow! I can barely tell any difference between this and a $15 bottle! Definitely a bargain!

    2. I agree for a budget nail polish they perform extremely well :o)

  2. Hehe~ I just recently bought two more polishes by Mode off the Bellabox website and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed both with the colours (I got the glitter ones) and how easy they are to apply without making a huge mess~ ^^ Can't wait to get more of these~ I currently have Influential Miss (clear with silver glitter), Gothic Crown (black with silver glitter) and Rock Me Sweet (purple with silver and pink glitter)~ I haven't been brave enough to try bright orange tho~ :P I agree that these polishes are definitely a great buy for $2.75 each~ :D

    - Tali xx

    1. I was never keen on paying too much for nail polish I was very skeptical when I received this one from BB. Ohhh I like the sound of the ones with glitter! I'll have to check them out :)

  3. Cute color! Great for spring! Kisses


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