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I officially survived my first week back at uni after Three months of "me-time" and 5 weeks of placement. We were bombarded with various individual and paired assignments. My partner and I now have a stroke patient on board that we'll be working with for the next 3 months (which should be interesting!). Two hours into the first day back, my friend and I fell into a depressive spiral and had a mini panic attack. Literally a burnout from work overload.. the thought of it at least. I guess that's what happens when you get thrown back into uni after doing nothing but leisure.

Anywho.. I think I found my dose of relief.


She fights evil by moonlight... win love by day light.. she's the one you can depend...

I'm up to episode 81 and it's great. Filled with corny moral speeches stating the obvious, time travel, magical powers energised by different planets, cute cats, cool weapons and some epic parenting moments. Re-living my childhood fixations!


  1. I think we should watch 'Arakawa under the Bridge' next! It looks so bizzare!


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