Friday, June 28, 2013

I.C.O.N India Range GIVEAWAY!!! YAY!!

**** This giveaway is now closed****

I just posted the review for the India Range, now it's your change to win an amazing trio pack provided by I.C.O.N! Woohoo!

The pack includes

- Shampoo 250ml 
- Conditioner 250ml
- Oil 112ml

Australian Residents only, sorry :( 


  1. I always shower at night because I like to feel clean after a busy day. Cathy Stone

  2. Good luck with your giveaway Lily, I won't enter lol.... even though I would like too!!

    Jac x0x

  3. I shower mid-morning. I just prefer to be clean right before work :)

  4. I would be so excited to win this. Lovely, exotic looking products. Well I like a morning and evening shower...

  5. I shower at night because I think it's much more relaxing because you're warm and can get into bed straight away and theres no rush to dry your hair, put on makeup and head out the door like in the mornings. Also, I love a good sleep in, so that's probably why!

  6. A shower in the morning wakes me up. When it's very hot in summer, I also have a quick shower at night.

  7. I shower at night usually because I can't sleep well unless I feel clean!

  8. This pack, especially the oil sounds great for my hair. Good luck everyone.

  9. I usually shower at night, just cause it relaxes me before going to bed.

  10. I always shower in the morning.

  11. I shower at night as part of my bedtime routine.

  12. I often shower in the morning. Showering is something that needs to happen daily but depending upon how I feel results in whether it is a morning shower or night shower. At the end of a long day where I have been outdoors a while and am feeling sticky, sweaty or even just worn out a shower can refresh me. But on a morning that I just can't wake up to get my day rolling I need a shower. Something about hot running water wakes me up and makes me feel ready to take on the day. When it comes down to it. I struggle more in the mornings waking up. So my answer is - mornings... usually..


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