Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Youtube: My Speed Drawing of Angelica from Rugrats!

I'm really starting to enjoy doing speed drawing, so many flashbacks!
Rugrats was one of my favourite childhood TV shows.
I remember my friend and I being ecstatic when the movie came out. I think my favourite characters were Lil and Phil, they were completely bizarre. Not sure why I chose to draw Angelica, but here she is. 


  1. Aww rugrats! I love the baby boy, which I can't remember his name now, Tommy? Err, haha anyhow, I love how they would gather together and walk around the house as if they are on some mission!

    <3 Celly

  2. Wow, you are definitely talked. I am lucky if I can draw a stick person.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  3. Aw cute! I used to watch The Rugrats. If scooby doo was on, I would watch that thought. :P

  4. Angelica was my favourite character in Rugrats, this is very cute!!

    Jac x0x

  5. This is a great drawing!! You're so talented Lily! I love how you really captured Angelica's features. :D

  6. Chuckie was my absolute favourite! he was such a sweetie. great drawing!

  7. Great job on this. Cool that you chose Angelica to draw, she's such an intense character lol.


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