Monday, August 19, 2013

Bellabox August 2013 - Get Active

It's that time of the month again! My BB yearly subscription is coming to an end :(
I can't believe it's been a year already!

Ultraceuticals Ultra CC cream mineral tint SPF 30
RRP $59 for 50ml
Received 5ml

I still haven't got around to my Rachel K cc creams yet, but I have heard so many fabulous reviews so I'm excited to try this out!

ASAP Ultimate Hydration
RRP $79 for 50ml
Received 15ml

Woohoo a dry skin product! Adios wrinkles!

Pevonia gentle exfoliating cleanser
RRP $67 for 150ml
Received 5ml

Contains jojoba beads, saponaria and chamomile. Nice Nice.

Loreal Base Magique Primper
RRP $29.95 for 15ml
Received 5ml

I never wear primer, whatever I put on in the morning is all I'll have on throughout the day. 
However, my partner is taking me to a wedding in Nov, so this will come in handy ^_^

Tom Organic Tampons
RRP $7.99 for 16 tampons
Received 2 tampons

I've been using the brand "Cotton" at the moment - they are hypo-allergenic, 100% cotton and biodegradable. I'm always on the hunt for quality tampons so I'm glad to receive this!

Talavou Naturals Illuminisor Lustre
RRP $39.95 for 8g
Not sure about the size received but looks like 2g?

This bronzer only contains Mica, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. 
As you may have seen from other blogs, this is a sample product in a full size container. I personally didn't like the container, it wasn't easy to open, if I pulled off the white tape covering the holes the loose bronzer would've spilled everywhere every time I open it. Otherwise, I'm happy to receive this product.

Banana Boat Mineral Protect Sensitive SPF 30+
RRP $15.75

I just sunscreen everyday and lather my face like it's no body's business. Sunscreen is something I'll always need and run out, so this is a good addition.

I am pleased with the box overall, although nothing popped out at me, but I will definitely use all the items.
It's been a good year with Bellabox, hopefully, I'll find myself re-purchasing an annual subscription in the near future!


  1. The Tavalou product is so deceiving and disappointing. Bellabox gave a sneak peek of three items that would be in this month's box and this seems to be the only sample out of the three. The CC cream looks really interesting!

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  2. I like the sunscreen, I got a little one in my last BB. It can be so expensive when you've gotta buy enough for the whole family. I'd be pretty happy with this selection of sample, hoping to try the Primer. Use your Rachel CC creams, the pink one is pretty good. :)

  3. Wow, I think the Loreal Primer looks good, I have yet to try that though I also have a sample of that haha. Please try your Rachel K Cc cream and let me know if it is good, haha. I am still on BB creams now, hmm... slow or what =D

    <3 Celly

    1. Haha i'm still on BB creams too... but I'll get onto the Rachel K!!! I promise!!

  4. How did you go with the sunscreen did you hold your tube up to the light to see how much was in it, I'd appreciate it if you would let me know :o)

    Jac x0x

  5. Eeeeeee my first comment, not just on your blog but any blog!!! :D (I'm so glad that such an honour can be bestowed upon you :P)

    So my lovely Lily out of Bellabox and Lust have it which would you say is better value and has better stuff! Also why have I no know these things exist and worst still that you had a blog?! D:



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