Lust Have It - Spring Fling - September 2013

I came home to a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting my LHI box because I haven't received an email saying it was sent yet. Getting ahead of time LHI! ^_^

I LOVE this box. There are a few products I've already received or received from Bellabox... but... oh my goodness, full size eye cream - my absolute staple - but at the same time I don't want to fork out $30-40 of my student funds to buy them in store. Love Love Love, this box tickled my pickled for sure.
A real quick review..

Baji Super Nutri Rescue Eye Serum
RRP $35 online

I'm guessing you can get different Baji products in this month's box. 
I got a full size eye cream, WOOHOO!!!! Stoked! 

Tom Organic Tampons

Bonus Product
Always handy, I'm always buying sanitary products when I spot them on sale.

Bioderma Sebium AKN

I got this product in a previous box, I didn't really like the texture, little bits of it rubs off when you put a thicker layer on.

Bioderma Cleanser

Received one previously, I thought it was "ok" nothing too special.

Loreal Magique Base 

I think I received this in last month's Bellabox. I heard it's a good product so I can't complain. This will be handy for the weddings and what not coming up. 

You'd either get a sample of this or their BB cream. I'm a BB girl but I don't mind trying different foundations though.

WOTNOT samples, another one of my staple products. Always happen to receive more!

LHI Synthetic Precision Pencil Brush

Cool bananas! Surprisingly I use my pencil brush a lot because my lids are quite... i guess thinner than usual. 

Mary Kay oil free eye makeup remover sample

Definitely needed, my HG shiseido waterproof mascara will need this baby!

OH I forgot to take a pic of the SNEAK PEAK.....


YAYYYYYY!!!!!! This box (and sneak peak) made my day so much better!


  1. Wow what a fantastic month for LHI subscribers. I love the look of that Eye cream - make sure you review it after you've used it for a while :) I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. I got the same box except the infallible sample, I got the BB. It's such a great box, and all the items are things everybody can use (ie no color foundations,tanning, eyelashes) that people always complain about. I love the eye cream the best, the packaging is beautiful and the brush is a great inclusion

  3. looks like a pretty good box. hope I get the eye cream to try :)

  4. Looks like a good box, but the overlap with last month's BB is a bit odd! Keen to receive mine anyway :)

  5. I would be stoked too if I received an eye cream! The box looks great this month :)

  6. What a great selection of goodies :) the L'Oreal primer sounds good. Seems like LHI are good at sending out some interesting things :)

  7. You're finally back! Haha, wotnot wipes seems really good! I have stopped purchasing beauty boxes, because sometimes I feel that I end up with a lot of samples which I honestly do not really get around using because they are in sachets that are not easy to "keep" if I did not finish them up at one go...

    p.s. look out for my upcoming blog post, I am going to nominate you for something hee hee hee!

    <3 Celly

    1. Lily! Here's the blog post in case you have not seen it yet! here!!


  8. Jealous! That box looks really good! All the boxes are running late this month, which is making me sad. :( I hope I get one similar to that!

  9. The eye cream looks good as does the brush but I could give the rest a miss. Sure was a full box though!

    1. Humph!! I didn't get the eye cream just a cheap tube of leave in hair conditioner!!

  10. let us know how the l'oreal base primer goes! this box is definitely a good combo of stuff!

  11. This months box looks great! I've always found LHI and BB a bit up and down but this ones fanstasic! Shame I' not subbed to them!

  12. The eye cream looks like it had really good potential! Would love to hear what you thought about it :)


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