Paul Brown Hair Care Review

Salon Cosmetics introduced me to I.C.O.N India hair products a few months ago, those products are now household staples for myself and my partner!

This time, I'm am super lucky to try out some novel hair products from Paul Brown - WOOHOO!

Paul brown is a natural botanic hair care brand, inspired by Hawaiian Flora - intrigued? I am! 

What I love most about this brand is the amount of natural exotic ingredients (i.e., papaya, lemongrass, sea kelp) used in the products. I'm a huge advocate for natural and organic products, these are right up my alley.

I received the Washe Elite Shampoo - it's specially designed to nurture and enhance abused hair, add bounce and elasticity. It can also be used for coloured hair.

 I LOVE the scent, it's so subtle, delightful and tropical, although the scent doesn't seem to stick around for too long after-wash. I left my hair till it was quite dirty to see the full effect of the shampoo - my scalp and hair felt quite clean and no sight of any dandruff. 

The Resurrect Conditioner is designed to repair damaged hair by renewing sheen and lustre. It penetrates into the hair cuticle for absorption. It is non-greasy and will not remove colour.

Same tropical scent - love love love!
Not sure if untangling is a property of the conditioner, but it did a great job at untangling my rats nest.
I've also noticed less split ends throughout the weeks!

The Hapuna Argan Oil really impressed me, my hair felt softer and more sheen ^_^. A stronger, floral scent, smooth and silky texture. 
The product contains Kukui Nut Lipids 

Kukui nut oils contain substantial amounts of anti-aging omega-3 fatty acids, known to strengthen and restore radiance to the hair and skin. Kukui Nuts boast one of the highest concentrations of omega-rich oils (omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9), along with vitamins A and E - all the penetrating antioxidants needed to keep hair looking younger and shinier.


Very stringy, no shine.


All three products used - hair untangled, neatly separated, non stringy and shine!


  1. OMG LILY! You have beautiful tresses!! I have not seen this brand in Singapore, but it definitely looks really good. I've always kept my hair around the shoulder length because I find that I am dropping hair and it is difficult to maintain the shine and "health" of the longer strands.

    Could you please do some hair care tips because you have gorgeous and thick hair!

    <3 Celly
    TheSnowFlowerrr - Beauty and Makeup Blog


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