My Month In Food - August 2013

Can't believe it's been another month! This year is going too fast.

Due to my ongoing flu, I haven't been out eating about too much this month, so lets start off with some home cooked meals --- ** NOTE ** - the home cooked meals (with the exception of the pastie) are all cooked by my boyfriend and I, we are amateur of amateurs when it comes to cooking.

Good ol' Spag Bol

Other than mushrooms and tomatoes (and beef mince in my portion), I can't remember what else we had in there.

Tuna Pesto Penne

With feta and capsicum


Curried potatoes, beef mince, peas and carrots. (mum made this, we helped out)

Raisin Scones

One of the lovely staff from Dept of Ageing made me some birthday scones ^_^

Now onto the restaurants

85 Degree Bakery

This is a well known Asian bakery, Taiwanese? Correct me if I'm wrong!
Their cakes are quite pricey (sitting at $3.50 - $4.50 per slicebut they look at taste pretty good. They come with a little cute carry box if you're taking it away.

We got 2 slices, Hokkaido Strawberry cake and the Black Forrest. I think I enjoyed the Hokkaido ore than the Black Forrest - even though it's one of my "go to" cakes.

85 Degrees Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon

Gelato Messina

This has been one of my favourite gelato stores in Sydney. Every time I go past The Star I pop in to get my fix of gelato. I went to the one in The Star at Pyrmont, but MAKE SURE you go to their main store at Darlinghurst for all the gelato cakes!

We ordered 2 scoops I think it was about $6.90 (you can select cone or cup) - Salted Caramel and White Chocolate (A must have, their most popular flavour) & Have a Gay Old Time (Gaytime ice cream flavour)

Check out their website here 

Gelato Messina Pyrmont on Urbanspoon

T101 (aka Pizza In A Cone)

Apparently the idea of a cone pizza was invented by a teenage girl who thought sliced pizza was too messy to eat. 

Well, she was damn right, pizza in a cone is so much easier to eat! We went to the Hurstville chain, the main store is in Parramatta. The cone's contents have improved dramatically since my last visit. I vowed to never eat there again after the most previous time because here were more dough than fillings. Luckily, the cone was packed full of fillings this time! But the prices gone up - one cone at $5.80 each... geez

I'm not sure about the Parramatta store, but if you go to the Hurstville one, BEWARE OF THEIR DRINKS! The ice tea taste like legit sugar syrup and their milk tea... tastes like chunk of glue - I can't stomach it. Go down stairs and get yourself some natural Sugar Cane juice!

Left - Artichoke: Artichoke hearts, red capsicum, muschroom, mozzarella, olives, parmesan and pesto mayo

Right: Bacon Deluxe: Bacon Mushroom, Red capsicum, Mozzarella, Ham, Parmesan, BBQ Sauce. 

T101 on Urbanspoon

Fish Market Cafe BBQ Grill - Sydney Fish Market

I make my way to the fish market every year. This year I went for my birthday!
I've learned some important lessons from visiting the fish market this year

1. DO NOT purchase drinks from the fish market, bring your own. They charge $4.50 per can
2. It's always packed on weekends
3. Seat sharing
4. NEVER get lobster mornay from the fish market because it tastes like cardboard

So we got the Lobster deal, and because of the bloody little sea insect there, they charged us double - $60 for the tray.

Other than the plastic sea insect, everything was really nice. There was Oyster kilpatrick, Oyster Mornay, King prawns (I think I ate a pregnant one - I know, yuck and too much info), calamari, seasoned BBQ squid and chips.

I will make sure I get the $30 tray next time!

Fish Market Cafe - Sydney Fish Market on Urbanspoon

Spicy Sichuan Restaurant

Sichuan is a province in China. Their cuisines are known for it's uber spicy nature. Pretty much everything on the menu had chili in it! 

I can't tell you the exact name of all the dishes, but they are all SPICY!

Below is like a spicy glass noodle salad with peanut. I love this dish!

Their infamous hot pot in chili oil - we got fish fillets, yum yum

Spicy egg plant and beans

Complimentary dessert, it's like a sweet glutinous rice wrapped in palm leaves, you dip it in sugar and it's pretty damn good.

Spicy Sichuan Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Satang Tuck Shop

I think the name caught our eyes, Thai restaurants are notorious for odd names. At first glance, "Satan!?!"

We ordered a milk tea below, I'm really started to enjoy thai milk tea more than the usual milk tea. There's a very distinct taste.

We got two mains, first up, the vegetable and tofu red curry -- $9.90. It was very sweet, not the best red curry I've had. The bamboo shoots were quite hard to chew.

We ordered a stir fry from their specialty menu. Squid and prawn -- $11.90. A lot of soy and sweet chilli. The flavour was a bit meh, not enough garlic for a garlic dish. And the shocker, 3 prawns. WTH!!! I won't be coming back.

Satang Tuck Shop on Urbanspoon

Tom N Toms

Dropped by Tom n Tom's for some green tea frappe. Not too bad, a little artificial. I still want to go back to try their honey bread and pretzels. 

Tom n Tom's on Urbanspoon


  1. I love dropping by and reading these posts! every one is a food-ucation for me :) we've got 4 pubs, a Gold Club, Bowls Club, a Chinese, 2 Fish 'n Chip shops and... 2 supermarklets :) not a whole lotta varying cuisine around here lol!
    Your pesto tuna looks yummy, and those pizza cones look pretty alright too :)

  2. I love your food blogs Lily, I look forward to them! In fact I pop over to look at all the yummy photos again and again

    Jac x0x

  3. Omgosh yummmmmy at everything you ate !!

    I've yet to try T101 but I've been quite keen on that for a while ! And try Tom n Tom's honey toast .... it is AMAZING ..... But best to share it with someone else :P

    Seems you had a really good eating spree :P

  4. Amateurs in disguise! The spag looks delicious! I am sick too *boo*, and looking at your cakes and food make me drool =((

    I missed your blog posts! I haven't been here cos I went to HK! How have you been my dear! I should seriously go back and type you a long email, because I haven't haha.. I have been lazy! *blush*

    And and and and, update with more food alright! xD

    <3 Celly


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