Easy Eye Look: Wearable Red

I haven't touched any of my reds in my 120 palette and thought it might be good to use it on halloween (toned down and wearable of course!)

When you pair red  with brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner and lot of mascara, it doesn't look too bad. 

here's what you need

1. Lash curler
2. Pencil Brush
3. Eyeshadow brush
4. Dark brown shadow
5.Red eyeshadow 
6. Mascara
7. Liquid eyeliner



1. Sweep red shadow all over the lid with the eyeshadow brush
2. Dip your pencil brush into the red shadow and outline the crease .. then blend blend blend
3. Apply liquid eyeliner, semi cat eyes
4. Brown eye shadow under lower lashes (I find red on red a bit zombifying)
5. curl and mascara

You can amp it up by applying more red on your lids.

Did you dress up for halloween? (I will next year!)


  1. I wouldn't be able to pull that off - I'm always trying to tone down the red around my eyes! Think you managed to make it work though - pretty.


  2. I didn't dress up for halloween, but I think it is fun looking at others' feeds on social media and seeing what they did hehe xD

    I think this red is quite subtle and great for daily look as well, nothing too bold =) Loveee it Lily~ And your eyes are beautiful!!

    <3 Celly
    ❤ TheSnowFlowerrr ❤ Beauty and Makeup Blog ❤

  3. I won a really pigmented red shadow recently and haven't touched it! I'm thinking a daring black/red smoky eye might be the way to go, although I love your subtle look. Wishing I had one of those palettes with all the colours so I could be really daring... in my bathroom... then remove it before going into public lol! :)


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