Epic Nail - Summertime Shellac Starter Kit Review

 I reviewed Epic Nail's Nail Foil a while back (click here). I wore the nail foils to a wedding and I showed the foils to every girl I had a conversation with - most were in awe and didn't know what nail foils were.

I am not a salon go-er, nor have I tried Shellac nails - I thought it was something you can only get done at nail salons. Naturally, I couldn't resist when Epic Nail asked me to review this kit ^_^

The Summertime Shellac Nail Kit includes:
  • 1x    12 watt pink LED Nail curing lamp
  • 6x    Shellac Polishes:  Cosmo, Cheeky Pink, Aqua Addiction, Sherbert Sorbet, Big Sky and Summer Dream
  • 1x    Top Coat
  • 1x    Base Coat
  • 10x  Cuticle pushers
  • 20x  Alcohol wipes

Everything seemed rather technical when I opened the box, then I saw the brochure and realised the user friendly nature of the kit!


I fixed my nails and applied the top coat.

Once completed, I put my fingers into the LED machine. The machine was SO easy to use!

I flicked the "On" button at the back, set the time to 90 seconds (using the +/- buttons) and hit the little light bulb button to start the timer. The LED light came on as soon as I placed my fingers in. A beep sound will be present (pull your fingers out) and the LED lights will automatically switch off.

I applied a layer of coloured polish and cured for 90 seconds. This was followed by the application of top coat + another 90 seconds of curing.

Once everything was done, I used an alcohol wipe to remove sticky residue.

 I couldn't believe the result, extremely smooth and shiny. I always thought why I should go to nail salons when I can paint my own nails at home. Now I can do my own shellac, stolked!

  • I love the finish, the feel of the shellac on my nails, how smooth and shiny it is
  • Longevity - I've had my orange polish on for 2 weeks now, no chips. 
  • Gorgeous colours
  • Easy to use
  • No drying time required, the curing does it all for you. 
  • No pungent lacquer smell!!!

I honestly can't think of a single con for this kit.

Shertbet Sorbet


Cheeky Pink

Summer Dream

I'm going to a wedding this weekend and I'll be wearing peeptoes, I prefer to have coloured nails in peeptoes so I thought, why not shellac my toes as well? Since my feet are more tanned than the rest of my body, the pastel creates a perfect contrast. I think I'll be shellac-ing my toes more often!

Big Sky

 Aqua Addiction


Epic Nail was super thoughtful and sent me a removal kit for the shellac nails. I've never used pure acetone to remove nail polish, the caution signs made me a little nervous at first.

I followed the instructions provided by Epic Nail, took the foils, soaked the cotton pad with acetone and wrapped it around my fingers. It's inevitable that you'll get acetone on your skin, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

There were still some shellac residue on my nails after 15mins. So, I left the rest on till the 20 minute mark. The shellac bubbled up (see below) and I was able to remove it with the cuticle stick provided quite easily, however I had to scraped off a bit of the top bed of my enamel. Once I finished removing, I applied coats of vaseline to each cuticle.

The acetone made my fingers quite dry, so don't forget to moisturise! I genuinely love my new nails and I think it's amazing that I can now do my own shellac at home instead of forking out $35-$45 to get them done at the salon.

To me, these are salon quality - more reason that I will not set foot into a nail salon! Although, I personally did not prefer the removal process, but I guess if you do your nails on a regular basis you would probably feel more accustom to it. To be honest, I like the outcome enough not to remove it, I'm quite happy to do my shellac at home and leave them off till they decide to come off on their own.
 I am really happy with the shellac kit ^_^  It's fantastic to have around the house in preparation for special events or regular use!

Epic Nail is kindly offering my readers free shipping for any kit. Enter this code at checkout: KITLILY
Offer expires March 21st

Check out their website: www.epicnail.com.au

Have you tried Shellac Nails? Which is your favourite shade from the kit?


  1. So pretty <3<3
    what a great kit!


  2. I've been reading many reviews on this, and it seems wonderful! I love the colours as well, and since I'm on a quest to grow my nails, this is definitely on my wishlist!

    1. It's definitely worth getting! ^_^

  3. I love all the colours that you tried! I have a Bluesky Shellac kit that I bought from Ebay. I don't use it anymore, because I get bored too quick with the colour I'm wearing, lol

  4. It looks great : C Your nails are so beautiful! >< ♡

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  5. Great review, its good to see all the colours in action! I want to try Aqua Addiction next...or Cosmo...or maybe Big Sky? Too hard to pick!!

  6. Really cute! I need to bite the bullet and get a set like this, I think.

  7. This is an awesome kit and I would love to be able to do my own shellac! I've only had shellac the once, and removal was an absolute pain!!

  8. this kit looks nice =)


  9. this is pretty interesting i think i saw jenn fromhead2toe used a similar technique in removing glitter polish :D she also said that it was drying to your fingers, thanks for the tip! :)

  10. Oh very cute nails machine, looks very cute the result, thanks for your review!
    comment to me back to keep in touch!


  11. Wow this kit looks great! I love shellac nails but can never be bothered continuing to go back to the salon (or spending that much money) haha xx


  12. I love nail polish! I would love to try out these products :) great review

  13. its such an awesome product :) xx

  14. I don't paint my nails often due to the type of work I'm in but wow, this kit sounds amazing! I've heard about it so much and have been curious! Thanks for the tip and detailed review. :D

  15. oh wow that looks great! haha I love putting on nail polish when I am bored at home

  16. Wow, I really want this :) big sky is so pretty!

  17. This kit seems great! Your nails look so shiny (^O^)

  18. These colors all look incredible. My favorite color is cheeky pink.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  19. With shellac, I'm too worried about the damage it will have on my nails because my nails are already very brittle. How are your nails coping?
    x Court

  20. I love shiny shade of nail polishes ^^
    that's a great review you written :)
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    Please, let me know! ;)
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  21. This post described pros and cons of shellac nail polish very nicely. I want to add my opinion with you , Shellac is not porous. The only thing it's designed to be porous too is the shellac remover solution. If you have CND Shellac Polish on your nails and you wipe them with acetone, it will not be removed. Several companies offer home UV lamps. Be careful when using them, they may not dry the CND Shellac polish correctly. This product has it's own UV LAMP, and it's a professional product, not for at home use. Gel polishes are a home use product, and are in no way the same thing as Shellac. In fact, the word gel is not found anywhere on a bottle of Shellac. Remember, there is a major difference! Shellac will never cause nails to turn yellow. And will not damage nails either. Please use the Solar Oil that's given free when CND Shellac is applied by a Licensed and Certified Shellac Professional. Solar Oil by CND, nourishes the nail thru the skin, not the nail. It hydrates the skin cells by three levels. It contains four essential oils. Removal of Shellac is never soaked in a bowl of acetone, never scraped off w metal. Only wrapped in special solution the gently dissolves Shellac's layers are release from nails.


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