Lust Have It! Monthly Box February 2014

 I actually prefer receiving my LHI without a box, my collection of boxes are piling up in my room. Was there a theme for this month?

Clairol Professional Volume Mousse
$19.50 for 250ml
Received 50ml

I use a bit of hair wax to get my flyaways into place. Other than that I'm not a person for too much hair products, they tend to leave a spider-web like white residue on my hair. However, I do need volume! I'll give this a go.

Vaseline Untimate 10 Anti Aging Body Lotion
$19.29 for 750ml 
Received 25ml

We received a sample of this at Carols in the Domain, my boyfriend and I both thought it was anti-aging cream for the face. I didn't realise it was a body lotion. Oops. 

 The Cosmetic Kitchen Eyeshadow in Celebrity
Full Size

Quite happy about this product. A fairly neutral shimmery sandy gold colour. One of the colours I use quite often. It's also talc free, certified cruelty free and certified vegan. Huge bonus!

The Cosmetic Kitchen Brush
Full Size

Anther product I am quite happy about. I think this is a blush brush? I've never had a brush with a guard before. The bristles are very soft ^_^

Clairol Professional Colour Radiance Shampoo
 $13.95 for 250ml
Sample Size

I've dyed my hair once in my life and decided never to do it again, just in case I want to sell my hair. So I'm not sure what I'd do with this. Maye use it wash my brushes?

Hand Spa Bijoux - Hand Wipe
$1.50 per sheet

This isn't an anti-bacterial wipe! It contains royal jelly, hyaluronic acid and soy bean. Curiosor and curiosor.

Juice Beauty green apple peel sensitive
$65 for 60ml
Sample Size

I've never heard of this brand... but it's a certified organic exfoliator. Apparently this exfoliator will refine and reduce wrinkles, lighten hyperpigmentation and firm your skin. Sounds like things I need for my skin! 

A buy one get one free from Harvest box -

I didn't get lucky dip (dammit!) - did you?

Not too bad of a box, there were some interesting products and products I'm keen to try, but nothing really stood out for me (I might have incurred inklings of post-holiday depression - that let down feeling knowing you're no longer on holiday). I'm nearing the end of my annual subscription - which is kind of scary to know that a year went so quickly. I've been racking my brain trying to decide whether I should re-purchase another annual subscription. I have really enjoyed the vast majority of my LHI boxes, but my beauty collection has reproduced rapidly in the past year. Ahhh... it's like thinking about the meaning of life, this is something for me to mediate on.

What did you think about this month's box? Did you get anything different?

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  1. That box looks great and I would love to try all of these products.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. Really lovely box! You got so great products! :3

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  3. Your box looks good, at least you got few make up products.

  4. Love the colour of the eyeshadow you got :) also its kinda funny that you are also unsure of what type of brush you got...I still have no clue how to use my brush haha

  5. I don't know if I'll get this box - I think I got one of those lotions previously in a LHI box, it might have been BB.

  6. Looks like a nice box, but the only nice to me is the makeup brush!
    comment to me back to keep in touch!

  7. Wow! You went on annual subscription! Haha, these days these boxes don't attract me much - I think I have stopped the crazy urge of buying or shopping excessively! I can't wait to see your holiday posts =DDD!!

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  9. I got the Beauty Dip :) Brings back so many memories.. High School! Haven't had a So..? fragrance for years!! This months box is really good, I love the assortment, my shadow is a green highlight. I have re-subbed, I couldn't resist the awesome deal they emailed me with a few weeks ago! Beauty Subs don't count in spending bans right? lol


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