Saturday, May 17, 2014

Masquerade Makeup breakdown and Photobooth Pictures

 I went to my boyfriend's cousin's 21st masquerade party last weekend. A nice venue, bar tab, double tiered chocolate mudcake and a photobooth. Admittedly, it's been a while since I've attended a 21st as most of my friends are sprinting towards their mid 20s.

I couldn't help but to think back to my own 21st (click here) - a disaster by the way, I was carried home by three friends at 10pm with one too many long islands. Although I was mildly unconscious, I could hear them talk, "She looks skinny but she's so heavy!!! Let's take her shoes off and cut some weight"

Sometimes I wished that I had a conventional 21st..... venue, family, food, speeches and a dance floor.

Anywho, for this 21st, we "kind of" dressed up, boyfriend wore a batman mask and I wore some sparkly mask.

I had a lot of fun with this new found photobooth. I've heard legends of "the booth" at various parties... it was like the lockness monster to me, heard but never seen.


 Here's a few of my favourite photos from the booth.

Now to the makeup breakdown...

  • Shiseido Hydro liquid compact foundation
  • Revlon age defying concealer
  • Shiseido shimmering cream eye colour in SV810
  • Shiseido eyelash curler 
  • Benefit they're real mascara
  •  Bobbi Brown bronzing powder in Light
  • Klara Cosmetics kiss proof lips in 03

The actual colour is a lot darker and brighter than this.
The actual colour is a lot brighter and darker than this. More like a dark maroon-pink.

And my favourite teddy bear scarf :)

What did you do for your 21st?


  1. I haven't seen a photo booth at a party, either hahaha
    It's great you had a lot of fun (^O^)
    Your masks look so cool!

  2. I love me photobooth fun! I love how simple your eye make up is!

    My 21st was more on the traditional side but I remember thinking how poorly I had organised it! LOL but whenever I look back on my photos I can't help going, 'I didn't do too bad. At least I look good in these photos!'.

    LOL girls.

  3. love the lips lily!! you guys look like you had so much fun!!

    Multitasking Damsel Blog

  4. Photo-booths are a hoot! Looks like you made the most of them :) Love your memories of your 21st haha, wish I could do mine over again, will have to wait for the 40th instead eeekk!!!

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :) I never tried Klara before. It looks good.

  6. You and your boyfriend seem so fun-loving, it's super cute! Love the photobooths - seen them at 2 weddings. Ahh... 21st! I'm 30 now, so it's light years way back!

  7. Your eye makeup look so pretty. Photo booths add so much fun to parties. It seems like forever go that I attended a 21st birthday party.

  8. OMG... Had to come back, have you watched latest Orphan Black ep?? I am so hooked!! Was sorta hoping Paul was gonna be a good guy, can't wait for next episode :)

  9. you look like you had great time there! love your breakdown btw :D i can hope to imitate


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