Friday, June 27, 2014

I MET STAN LEE... Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2014 + Makeup breakdown

This was my first time at Supanova, even though we spent 6.5hrs lining up for Stan Lee's autograph and photos.... I had a surprisingly good time. At 91 years of age, Stan Lee was an absolute trooper, he was at Supanova for all three days, signing away and sitting in the photoshoots. This was his last appearance in Australia.. I'm glad we got to meet him!

The autographs were $60 and photos were $100. It was $100 well spent. My Masters and Bachelor's degrees are rotting with the cobwebs somewhere in my room... but this photo, my friends... I will frame!

We got there at 10AM. They charged $20 for a full day of parking, which wasn't too bad. There was a longggg line spiraling into the stadium and it was freezing cold. I can see why people would go for 2 days... spend the first day lining up and the second day enjoying the expo!

Here's some photos for the Star Wars fans, my bf and I already confirmed that we are willing to line up again if George Lucas decides to make an appearance at Supanova.

My bf dressed up as Silent Bob - for all the Clerks lovers.

These guys looked pretty awesome! There were some hardcore costumes... lottssss of Elsa's from Frozen, Maleficents and Spidermans.

My costume didn't come on time, so I wore the most anime looking dress and socks I can find in my wardrobe.

I don't even know how to describe the dress I am wearing, it's probably the shortest thing I've ever worn and I didn't feel self conscious because people were practically walking around in undies and bras (AKA superhero costumes)

Totoro with legs!


The Bat Mobile

Ok now to the makeup break down

-Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation - I20
-IT cosmetics concealer
- Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder

- Shiseido lash curler
- Dollywink Volume Mascara
- Shiseido cream eyeshadow -VI305
-Aphrodite  Shimmer Powder - Rose Gold

- MAC blush - Breezy
- Bobbi Brown Bronzer

- Shiseido lip liner -RD708
-Shiseido Lip crayon -LC9

And here you have it, me as an alien-like creature. I think this picture is worth captioning, not sure what my BF was doing.

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  1. LOL couldn't help but laugh at the last picture with your boyfriend in the background, something mine would do too haha. You look gorgeous and seems like you had an awesome day!! :)

  2. You looked cute! Your bf looks hilarious in the background! Looks like you had an awesome day! xx

  3. cute looking... you can say you look like Tachibana Mei from Say I love you I guess? although u look much cuter

  4. I love your outfit, too cute! :) Your make up looks really pretty too. Gorgeous! :)

  5. Love event like this! We have Comic-Con coming up next weekend down here in Melbourne. We had Stan Lee two years ago, and the lines were crazy! One woman even came in a wedding dress, yes with a long train!

  6. How cool!! 6 and half hours... WOW! I'm not that patient! Love your pics and that lip colour looks gorgeous on you :)

  7. thats so exciting you met Stan Lee! Love your makeup as well, you always look good with a beautiful pink nude lip Lily!

    Multitasking Damsel Blog

  8. omg congrats on your photo with stan lee and R2D2 :) not sure but i think his detailing colors were blue? anyway my bf would love to take a pic with george lucas too. i wish you were able to include some elsa & maleficent photos , those 2 are my current fave disney girls :)

    1. mmm! i noticed that too! I saw a correctly coloured r2d2 at free comic book day though :)

  9. Your outfit's super cute! Congrats on getting through to taking that picture!

  10. waaah you guys are so lucky, and that photo with Totoro is so funny! Anyways, would you like to follow each other via GFC and other social medias? Follow me then and do let me know:)

    Join my GIVEAWAY here ;)
    Visit my blog:

  11. Hahaha I had a good laugh at "Totoro with legs" part ^_^

  12. Hi,
    Looks like you had a fantastic day, I imagine it would of been a great atmosphere :)
    I really love your sweater dress by the way, it is really cute.
    Kind Regards
    Aimee :)


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