Sunday, June 22, 2014

REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Menulog No. 1 for Online Takeaway

I was introduced to Menulog approximately a year ago this online platform for ordering local takeaways acted as a savior for my boyfriend and I. Especially during the difficult nights after a long day of work, or the flu-filled weekends when every ounce of energy has been exhausted by fighting tiny germ soldiers. I would lay in bed, log onto Menulog, tap away at my laptop and our meals from the selected restaurant would  arrive in a timely manner. Without hesitation, Menulog is truely the No. 1 for Online Takeaway!

Bottom line;

No prepping
No fighting
No cooking
No cleaning - ok, maybe just to rinse a plate or two

If you haven't been to Menulog, it is a wonderful online platform for you to order local meals from all over Australia - and in order to keep the Australian economy going, I personally would rather order from local restaurants than Pizza Hut.

You can pre-order and pre-pay on Menulog to pick up or have your meal delivered.

Let's say you live in Orangeville, simply type in your suburb or postcode and voila! You can pay vial Paypal, cash, credit/debit cards and vouchers.

I ordered from my favourite local pizza joint Tony's Pizza Pasta - with a reasonable $3 delivery surcharge.

I usually get Pizza here, but I thought I'd give their pasta a go!

My boyfriend ordered the Sunset Penne Pasta $ 14.90 - salmon, shallots, capers, mushroom, prawns in a pink sauce. Boyfriend said the dish was creamy, pasta was al dente and cooked to perfection. Lots of favours and that he would definitely order this again.

I was craving lasagna, so I got the Beef Lasagna $12.90. My lasagna was good, with the right amount of cheese, sauce, beef and pasta sheets... however it was over salted!!

Here's some links if you are looking for an Italian feast tonight!

Now on to the exciting part, the giveaway!!!

Thanks to Menulog, I have 2 x $10 Menulog vouchers up for grabs! One Voucher to giveaway on Blogspot (see below) and one voucher to giveaway on Instagram

Winner announced on 13 July 2014

Open to Australian Residents only.


  1. You know, I've actually never tried it out before, but I know lots of people who have!

  2. to have someone reviewing it, makes me want to give it a go. Unfortunately, the list in Adelaide kinda expensive to me

  3. I love pasta. I am a huge carb addict.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I didn't know this site. The pasta looks delicious.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  5. Love when someone else makes dinner.. even if it does cost money lol :) No good to me living in the sticks but thankfully we have some nice pubs and clubs to eat out at.. that or fish 'n chips at home x

  6. , log onto Menulog, tap away at my laptop and our meals from the selected restaurant would arrive in a timely manner. Takeaway Online


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