Monday, June 9, 2014

Japan 2014 in Food (Pic Heavy!)

 Remember that holiday I went on earlier this year (Click here to see my holiday to Japan), it seems like forever ago and I almost forgot to post up the food pictures!!!

I'll start off with airplane food, we flew with China Eastern Airline, the service had improved dramatically. The seats were awfully uncomfortable and the food was.... well.. it's plane food. My boyfriend requested for seafood meals prior to boarding, we never knew they catered for people with specific dietary requirements, so that was really good.

 These little crepe stalls were all over Tokyo. We ended up having the crepes more than ramen! They looked delicious, they were cheap and filling. Oh, and they put the crepe biz in Sydney to SHAME!!! I got a chocolate banana ice cream crepe a while ago in Sydney and there were 2 tiny slices of banana, half a spoon of ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate and cream, I couldn't even see the ingredients. Hence amazed that the crepes in Tokyo actually looked like their display!

 Strawberry Chocolate Icecream Crepe

 Creme Brulee Crepe!

 Chocolate and Strawberry Crepe

There was a Mister Donut next to where we were staying. We came home hungry one night and decided to pop next door to have a snack. Not a lot of variety left at that point in time, it would've been about 10PM.

We had the most authentic Soba noodles in Japan!!!

The Soba was cooked in the spring water coming down from Mount Fuji. I can eat this everyday.... oh with a side of vegetable and seafood tempura.

We had dinner at the place below, amazingly fresh and authentic sashimi !! ^_^


Warm Sake - SO GOOD!
Grilled Octopus with Kewpie Mayo

Grilled fish with rasdish

My aunty's parents invited us out for dinner. We thought "Oh yehhhh!! More authentic Japanese food!!!" to our ardent surprise, they booked a table at a well known Italian Restaurant in their area.

 The food was quite nice, comparable to the Italian food here in Sydney. Lots of olive oil and very creamy! The cakes were delicious :)

 Cheese Baked Rice - Apparently quite popular in Japan!

Home made tuna, cheese, lettuce and mayo sandwich!

Tonkotsu Ramen!!! It was delicious. After I had this, I decided to cut ties from a few Sydney Ramen chains.

There's a lot of hype over Mos Burger in Australia (In fact, there's one in Brisbane), a burger chain originated from Japan. The portion was a real downer..... it looked like a kid's burger. The flavour was not too bad, but I would much prefer a good ole' burger from Grill'd!

Amazake, a traditional Japanese drink - non alcoholic- made from fermented rice.

Here we have some disgusting, cheap and distasteful bentos from Robot Restaurant.

And... we have some home made dinners below made by my Uncle ^_^

Are you a fan of Japanese food? What's your favourite? 


  1. ERMERGHERD! Those crepes! I'm super hungry now, as a result! And that Mos burger burger is super duper small! Love your foodie adventures!

  2. I also love Japanese crepes! They're so cute and yummy (´。✪ω✪。`)
    Sashimi looks delicious, too ☆
    I'm glad you had a nice time in Japan!!

  3. I should not look at these foods posts before I go to sleep! The food looks amazing and them crepes!!!! Wowww
    What a shame Robot Restaurant was a disappointment!
    Did you try out any Japanese confectinary?

  4. I'm so jealous! Authentic Japanese food. Drool. Can't believe you didn't eat more ramen. I'm sure that'd be what I'd eat 3 meals a day, every day. It's funny how when you end up in Japan you end up eating Italian food.
    - Mary

  5. Foodporn! Drool! All of the food looks sooooooo delicious... ^__^ Japan really has the best food!!! Oh and the air plane food, looked tasty, that's a first! XD

  6. Omg lily that's a lot of good just when I don't have energy to cook,,I'm hungry now
    Plain food looks ok much better than air newzealand I flew with this year
    We even had to pay for coffee on 4 hours trip to Nz with a toddler,, still it's considered as an international flight

  7. God damn! I'm hungry now! I freaking love japanese food and I haven't been to japan in ages! The crepes look amazing there and I had a few of the big fan types ones with my family! the bento boxes look amazing too!

  8. my partner is a big fan of Japanese food! hopefully one day we both will be able to travel to Japan! btw I was literally staring at that photo of the crepe for god knows how long...YUMMAYY

  9. yummm. especially the crepe! we're planning to go to japan at the end of the year so hoping to get a bit of this food porn in our bellys :D

  10. Oh God I miss Japan so much now! LOL. I never had the Crepes when I was over there but now I know it's a must try! I always had this thought in the back of my head that they definitely can't look as good as I think the display ones. Ahah.

    I actually LOVVEEE Mos Burger! It ain't got nothing on Grill'd but it's a totally different burger experience, I think! I love their rice burgers - nom!

  11. Oh wow so delicious pics xD All looks delicious and cute too!

  12. Wow, those crepes look amazing!!

  13. I love Japanese food! Especially bentos, salmon and terriyaki chicken.

  14. I think all of the food looks absolutely delicious in your photos. Those crepes really had my mouth watering!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  15. Girl, found your blog and it's awesome! Great post! I want to taste it!:) x

    I want to keep in touch with you. Let me know on my blog. Follow for follow?

    Laura Macij

  16. Omg I'm salivating the entire post!! D: Especially over that ramen and crepes!!!
    x Court


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