Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Mini Makeup and Skincare Haul

 I have been generally good for the past 2 years and have not "hauled" since I've started my beauty box subscriptions (only Lust Have It! at the moment).

I had read mixed reviews when it comes to Mirenesse, some swear by it and others found their products/service mildly disappointing. I was later notified of a sale on, I spent 2 hours browsing the site... adding and deleting items from my cart, attempting to rationalise with myself, figuring out reasons why I need these extra products... Eventually my logical side caved and I put through a few items.

Everything came to about $42, free postage - courier with tracking. I received my package a week later.

Mirenesse Studio Magic Blur Powder
 Valued at $35

I picked this up hoping and wishing it would blur my pores and uneven skintone!! *fingers crossed*

Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift - Natural 3 pack
Valued at $119.85

There were a few 3 packs on Catch of the Day. I decided to pick up the "Natural" pack because the colours seemed like it would suit warm skin tones.
How pretty are the packaging?! It reminds me of Sailor Moon's wand. 

Elizabeth Arden Deep Cleansing Lotion

This was just a product to get me over the line for free postage. However, I did need a  gentle deep cleansing lotion and I've had relatively positive experience with Elizabeth Arden.
They still have a few of these left for sale on their website! (Click here) 

Face of Australia Dark Side - Jafar 
$3.95 @ Priceline
I saw FOA's new nail polish range on a few blogs and I fell in love with Jafar (I was a huge Aladdin fan when I was a little). I trekked through 3 different Priceline stores in the City to find this baby! I very rarely ever purchase nail polish, but at $3.95 a pop (FOA had 20% off), I just could not resist this perfect winter shade!

Any recent guilty buys?

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  1. Omg how cute is the packaging of that blur powder😀 I don't shop from catch of the day anymore I always had negative experience with them but maybe they have improved now

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

  2. The packaging for the lip glosses are super cute! They do remind me of the henshin rods a little <3 But the colors look really similar to each other... o_O Maybe they'll look different on, though.

  3. love this haul lily! oh please i think i've shopped to much I need to stop! let us know how the lip glosses go! I have an eyeshadow palette from mirenesse and it's really pigmented and buttery!

    Lisa | Multitasking Damsel

  4. Jafar is the one that I really want too! I wouldn't mind the other cremes from that range, but Jafar looks amazing! I only have one Mirenesse lipstick and I love it. Their packaging is always stunning, mine has a huge rhinestone on the top of the lid! Would love to see some swatches of the lip colours on you x

  5. Those essence lippies look very nice! :)
    xo, Pau

  6. Jafar is THE perfect winter shade! I just got a lippie in that colour and I just love it!

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the magic blur powder! =)

  7. I looooooove studio magic! It's one of my fav powders ever!!! And that polish shade is to die for!


    Ms Jelena xx
    | facebook | instagram | twitter | pinterest |

  8. The packaging on those lippies!! So awesome. Also that nail polish shade is something I'd totally wear.

  9. I have the magic blur powder sitting in my unopened draws, would love to hear what you think of it before I break open another loose powder!
    FOA comes out with the best affordable themed collections right??

    t w o p l i c a t e s

  10. That powder looks so cute! I like all the products you got! :.。.٩(๑′∀ ‵๑)۶.。.:*

  11. You've been good! Jafar... Ahh... Love that shade! That's the first one I put on my nails, out of the whole range.

  12. Your blog seems interesting. I do have a similar blog relating Massage in Rockhampton

  13. I love the lip products and the nail polish too! They are beautiful colors.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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