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Mary Kay's New Summer Shades Review - Lipsticks, Glosses and Cream Shadows!

Mary Kay launched some fresh summer shades this August and I was lucky enough to receive some goodies to try out. With the Australian summer literally just around the corner, these colours will definitely brighten your day. Once thing for sure, the colour orange is in this season.. and pineapples, did everyone see all the paper pineapples hanging from the ceiling at Myer and printed on tops?

Left to right: Sassy Fuchsia, Citrus Flirt, Tangerine Pop, Berry a La Mode

Product Name: Mary Kay True Dimension Lipsticks

Product Claim:

- Long lasting colours
- Moisturising and skin care benefits
- Provides contour to your lips in terms of fullness, plumpness and firmness
- 14 shades
- Fragrance free formula


  •  Moisturising. This lipstick is living up to it's expectations, once applied, my cracked lips felt smooth and plump, however, after approximately 1-2 hours, it will start dry out a little.. so make sure you apply generous coats of your favourite lip balm as a base.
  • Lasts for up to 5-6 hours. I do a lot of talking, eating and drinking at work, the colour started to fade at approximately 5-6 hours. A tint was still visible - I do however, prefer this to true colour.
  • Wearable colours. These lipsticks are pigmented, however the tangerines are not neon oranges and the pinks are not hot pinks (unlike the OCC Lip Tars, you'll need Napisan to get rid of that stain). This might be a con for some people, but I personally prefer subtle yet layer-able lipsticks
  • No fragrance, but there is a scent. The usual lipstick scent, but sweeter.

Product Name: Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss

Product claim:

- High shine and moisture
- 8 glossy shades
- Superlight, nourishing, non-sticky formula
- Contains complex of antioxidant-rich vitamins and plant dervied mineral to smooth, protect and condition lips


  • High shine. Evident from the swatches/applications, this again, be a pro to some and con to others.
  • Pigmented. Very pigmented glosses, more pigmented than the lipsticks I'd say. You can wear these colours on it's own without a lipstick undercoat coat.
  • Non-sticky. I hate sticky glosses, which is why I never go near Lancome's Juicy Tubes. These glosses are not sticky per say, but you will get the occasional hair sticking to your lips on a windy day.
  • Moisturising. If a gloss dries your lips, then it's probably a poor quality product. I am quite happy with the way this gloss sits on my lips.

Product Name: Mary Kay Cream Eye Colours

Product claim:

- Long wearing, lasts up to 10 hours
- Wear as a primer, under mineral eyeshadow or alone
- Fragrance free, suitable for sensitive skin
- Crease proof
- Waterproof
- Lightweight and can be layered
- Soft and creamy formula with a smooth texture that glides on easily
- Dries quickly and does not transfer.
- 4 shades


Top: Violet Storm and Glacier Gray
Bottom: Coastal Blue and Glacier Gray

  • Lightweight and Easy to apply.  This doesn't drag on my lids like some of the cheaper cream shadows I've tried.
  • Long wearing and does not crease. This is long wearing alright... after a long day at work (say 9-10 hours) my cream shadow did not budge or crease. This lasts longer than Shiseido's cream shadows.
  • Waterproof. You won't be able to wash this off under lukewarm water like usual cream shadows, it was difficult to remove even with a cleansing wipes. You need a good strong makeup remover. This is great for people who are looking for long lasting wearable colours.
  • Wearable colours. I don't usually wear a lot of blues and greens on my lids, however these colours are quite subtle and wearable.
  • Fast Drying/Funny texture. This baby dries in an instant. I would probably recommend a brush for application so it doesn't stain your fingers. Once it's dries, it literally hugs your skin. The texture felt a little bit like... a light coat of paint? I love the long lasting effect and the anti crease technology, but I can't say I'm a big fan of the texture once it dries.

Above are some tools to go along with the MK products. The MK Brush is perfect for applying the cream shadows. It'll pick up the right amount of product and  provides precision when applying colour to your bottom lash lines. The MK Clear Lipliner is a great innovative liner designed to protect and prevent your lipsticks (especially the darker shades) from feathering or bleeding.

Which MK product caught your eyes?

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  1. The clear lipliner looks like such a lifesaver! I'm watching the current season of Project Runway and they use the Mary Kay makeup studio so I'm constantly drooling at the products they use on the models ♡__♡
    Berry a La Mode looks like a lovely shade that's very wearable, they definitely make your lips look plump & full :D

    t w o p l i c a t e s

  2. Oh the tangerine pop looks very pretty!

  3. Love the glosses on you! And the cream shadows look really nice x

  4. All these products look beautiful!! I really like them (^O^)

  5. The lipsticks and shadows are very pretty colors. I have always been a fan of Mary Kay.

  6. their lipgloss looks good, esp with the high gloss like you've mentioned!!

  7. I think the lip glosses got me. They have such nice rich colors.

  8. Definitely love the look of first 2 lipsticks and the last lip gloss in pink luster,,,I hve only tried a lip gloss from MK nothing else
    Bit on a pricey side for me �� x
    Enjoy your weekend

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo


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