Saturday, October 11, 2014

I.C.O.N CURE for a Cause Campaign

October is our National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I appreciate the fact that we host public awareness campaigns to focus on those who are affected within our society. Working in the health industry requires me to connect with an array of wondering people with different abilities, strengths and needs. Public awareness provides the opportunity to rid stigma, promote social acceptance and consequently, engage devoted scientists and medical practitioners to research and structure interventions.
I.C.O.N  launched their "CURE for a Cause" campaign and raised thousands of dollars by their hosting annual 5k run. The success and the possibility of this campaign is empowered and reinforced by the participation of those like you and I.

Don't worry, this particular cause does not require you to switch from heels to runners. For us beauty buffs, I.C.O.N has launched their CURE range and CURE for a Cause gift box containing two replenishing sprays 60ml and 250ml. Every purchase will guarantee a donation to cancer research.

I.C.O.N CURE replenishing spray conditions and restores dry and stressed hair by utilising renewable resources and the ecology of raw ingredients. I love the concept of the of the replenishing spray and how parallels as a metaphoric tie to the CURE for a Cause campaign  by emphasising on it's renewal and restoring properties. I would like to harness this opportunity to galvanise individuals to participate in this campaign - whether it's purchasing a CURE for a Cause product or simply by passing on the word, we are making our own contributions to raise awareness.


  1. What a great cause, my grandmother suffered from breast cancer so it's something close to my heart, thanks for the post x

  2. Have been loving the videos :) how would you describe the scent? I couldn't pin-point it... :)

    1. Hmmm you're right, it is a little difficult to pin point. My nose doesn't work very well, but Ummmm a very subtle floral scent?

  3. Every October there are more and more companies getting involved in this worthy cause all over the world. A great post.

  4. Oh I need a product like this!
    Thank you for this review~

  5. Love the review! It's definitely a cause be aware of, particularly for me, as breast cancer runs in my family.

  6. Nice to see the companies taking step towards spreading more awareness about cancer
    Great post thanks for sharing


  7. This is a great cause, it's great that you are sharing the awareness Lily! I've had someone very close to me been affected by cancer, not breast cancer but still it's important to raise awareness about this stuff!

    Lisa xx

  8. For a great cause this is wonderful to build public awareness!!

    Thanks for this post ^^

    恵美より ♥

  9. This is great, a cause we should all get behind, it effects just about everyone in some way or another.
    Love your little video too! So cute!! :) xoxo


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