Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lust Have It! - September 2014

Finally. I received my package today and we are about to hit mid October. My biggest pet peeve is being late, my job involves a lot of meetings and appointments. One thing I can tell you is that I am never late. I'll start palpitating with 10 mins to go.

Anyway, lets get on with this.

I didn't get an information card this month (first time this has happened).

Glam Manicare Express 3 in 1
This is a nail art pen, I'm guessing that I can use one side to paint my nails and the other side to apply the little glitter circles. I've been practising painting my nails with a steady hand, I think I might be brave enough to try this.

Urban Skincare Co Repair Body Balm
I have never heard of this brand before, but it's Australian Designed and Owned - always a plus! I get dry hands and legs no matter what season we are in. This will definitely come in good use. At 35ml, I can't tell you if this is full size or not.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Macadamia Wax Creme Highlighter

We've received quite a few products from The Cosmetic Kitchen in the past few months. I really like how their products are vegan and cruelty free. Most of all, they are local at downtown Newtown. Now.. since I don't have my product card, can someone please tell me whether this is a face highlighter/gloss or multiuse product?

ModelCo Lip Lacquer in Morocco
I picked my shade in Morocco, two shades darker than my natural lip colour. This is a great everyday work lacquer. I'm not too fond of ModelCo products due to their poor quality - dry lipsticks, sticky glosses and cakey foundations. I really like this shade so I'll give it a try, hopefully, better than some of their other products. 

Uriage Cleansing Gel sample

I go through cleansers like no body's business, this is a great addition!

Model Co Samples

UrbanSkincareCo voucher - feel free to use this code. 

Overall, I thought this month's content was fair. I'm eager to try the highlighter and lip lacquer. However, nothing really stood out for me to the point where I want jump with joy - and I am easily excited.

What are your thoughts on September's box?

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  1. Hmm, I wonder what the highlighter is? I saw another review with no product card so maybe no one got one... Pretty slack though considering how late the are too!! Will have to wait and see if I get the same...

    1. I got a message saying that they will email the product card out to us. What's the chance of us getting our Oct pack this month... :(

  2. I'm not a fan of ModelCo either but that lip lacquer shade looks stunning! I feel like every single subscription box is filled with ModelCo, in my opinion they should change things up a bit.

    Basmah | Lacee & Lattes

    1. I've been using this gloss and I actually quite like it! It's got a very fruity scent. I'll have a review up soonish :)

  3. I'm only a little bit better than you - I start getting anxious with 5 mins left. High 5!

    The Cosmetic Kitchen highlighter is confusing. It looks like a lipgloss? Maybe it's supposed to highlight your lips? A new way of saying lipgloss? LOL.

    1. hahah!! oh look at us early birds, Hi5 :)

      Hmm might be a lip gloss... I need to have a smell

  4. Would you believe that I haven't received mine yet? I mean... REALLY? It's not a bad box this month, but I'm getting really sick of them running that behind!

  5. you shall be my role model for being punctual. i used to be just like that but something happened that rob me off my discipline in life tsk tsk. how much did the boxcost ? :)

    So it isn't lipgloss the macadamia creme, i believe from the vague description it is face highlight?

  7. What a great box! The Model Co and Cosmetic Kitchen products are my fave!
    New follower.


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