Lust Have It! - November 2014

Well, November is done at dusted. I am geared up for Carols in the Domain and hounding my boyfriend to come up with picnic basket ideas.

I was absolutely ecstatic to find my Lust Have It pack on my door step coming home from work on Friday.

Let's take a closer look

Essenzza Fuss Free Natural Japanese Facial Treatment Masks x2
$4.95 each

I love facial masks, so much that I have got my boyfriend into it too. We now mask every weekend. From the information card, this mask is less messy than traditional face masks. We will be putting this to good use next week!

 The Cosmetic Kitchen

I am really happy to see this product in the pack! So far, I have loved every single Cosmetic Kitchen product. They are Australian made and owned with no nasties. In my opinion, blush is the most aesthetically pleasing beauty product. I picked the shade in Sherbert because I don't have a lot of coral blushes.
Aveda Colour Conserve Daily Color Protect

This product helps preserve coloured hair. A little disappointed to see this, I love Aveda products but I never colour my hair!

 Natralus Paw Paw Pure Gel

I will be taking this everywhere I go since I'd get weird and strange insect bites all over my arms and legs during summer.
 Jelly Pong Pong Caribbean Sun - Bronzer and Blusher

I've been wanting to try Jelly Pong Pong for a VERY long time. I've heard so much about this UK Brand in the past few years. I don't know how LHI managed to get JPP involved... but you guys are amazing. I am all about multi-purpose products that will help me to save time in the morning. This product does not contain fragrance, mineral oils or Phthalate. It is great for sensitive and suitable for oily skins. No comedogenic

Overall, I am very pleased with my LHI this month :)
Just hope that we will get our December box in time for Christmas!!!

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  1. Looks like awesome value for money in this box, I can't believe November is nearly over, bring on Christmas! :)

  2. So jealous you got the bronzer and blusher! I would have been happy with this month's box, but they gave me the luminizer by So Susan once again, and a broken one at that!

    1. There's a heap of people complaining their luminizer was broken on their facebook page.. disappointing

  3. There's so many awesome products here! I would love to try the masks, the blush and most importantly the blush & bronzer product!! That's sweet you guys both mask together! I put skincare on my boyfriend every now and again too so that he realizes the benefits when he feels the difference on his skin! Do check out my blog soon! I'm holding a beauty giveaway!

  4. that is once nice box!! I love masks as well, my favorite is the sheet masks from various asian brands, and my boyfriend loves it too ( though he won't admit! :p )

  5. that mask captured my eyes~~ no dirt on me! cute names~!! hehe

  6. Definitely another good month. Looking forward to the masks, blush and the Paw Paw will certainly come in handy! I received an eye shadow palette, would have loved the contouring duo though!

  7. That's so cute how you and your boyfriend do face masks together! The bronzer and blush duo is looking pretty good! I wonder how pigmented they are because I'm looking for one too!

  8. Looks like a great box
    I'm going to ask my hubby to start masking routine with me from now on �� xx

  9. This actually looks like a great box! xx

  10. These facial masks look so cool!! (^^)

  11. This box was a really good box! I am wishing I hadn't cancelled my subscription. I forced myself to choose between bellabox and lusthaveit! I should have kept both ;-)

  12. That bronzer and blusher is very cute

  13. It looks like you received some really great items. And that it was a great value. I have been so unadventurous lately when it comes to trying new products. I will try to make myself try a few new things over my Christmas break.


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