Empties: December 2014

I can't believe it's so close to Christmas! We went to Carols in the Domain last night, had a great time as always!

Here's a compilation of products I used up in the past couple of months. As you all know, I'm a snail when it comes to finishing off products.

Avene Micellar Lotion : I honestly can't tell the difference between all these Micellar lotions - Bioderma or not, they all work the same for me. Great for removing minor grime, powder and left over foundation.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - Gel based formula, quite hydrating. I used this as a night cream.

Lust Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser - This moisturiser was gorgeous indeed, I used it at night, unfortunately my skin is so dry I had to apply two layers of this moisturiser to ensure my skin remains hydrated. This would be excellent for oily skin - no grease.

Biore Eye Cream - Definitely not one of my favourite eye creams, it would roll off my skin if I accidentally rub my eyes during the night. I feel like this cream acted as a barrier rather than a product that would deeply hydrate my under eye area.

Shiseido Hydro Compact Foundation - Great foundation for dry skin, medium coverage. Which is probably why I have 2 more of these as back ups. Shiseido makes great foundations.

Shiseido perfect mascara full definition - I actually hated this mascara, the little fibres were meant to extend my lashes, but it would either fall into my eyes or onto my cheeks over time.This mascara did not hold curls and was quite useless for my wimpy lashes. The only pro I can think is that it can be easily washed off with warm water. I will be keeping the container for the next benefit's mascara swap ;)

Indio Serum - This is my first serum, I did wake up with more plump any dewy skin, I like having an undercoat before I apply my night cream as my skin is extremely dry and dehydrated. I will be using more serums, thanks Indio.

Ocean Essence crystal lip patch - This is a lip spa treatment to plump your lips. It didn't find it plumping per se but the tiny lines around my mouth disappeared a little.

Kuu Konjac Deep Cleansing sponge -  I used this little fella for about 3-4 months before it started disintegrating. I was able to use it with/without cleanser. I love that it is 100% natural, however I prefer something with more longevity. I'm currently using a different cleansing tool, which I'll show you guys in another post.

A lip tint product I received from one of the beauty boxes, it just wasn't for me and it's time to meet the bin.

The Face Shop Facial Mask, this is the thickest mask I've used, it recharged my skin like no other mask I've used to date. love it. Natio Mineral BB Cream, medium coverage and easy to apply, I mixed it up with Palmer's BB Cream, as Palmer's was a little too dark for me.. also lesser coverage. Revlon Nearly Naked sample was a bit of a failure for me, none of the shades matched my skintone, I did however manage to use up the samples by mixing everything together. Glacial Clay Spa, a clay facial sheet mask, this is not something I'd willingly use again, it's a mask soaked in watery clay and it got quite messy. I refer squeezing my clay masks out of a tube.

Here's a photo for all the Harry Potter fans out there, in celebration of Harry Potter's new home at Universal Studios Japan :)

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  1. Super cute photo! haha. And awesome job on the empties, i have so many lip products that aren't for me/I never use but I just can't seem to chuck them! lol

  2. The last photo is so cool!! (^O^)

  3. Great empties! Some are always better than none! :) I love getting all those little tubes and sachets done first so I can get onto the full size fun stuff! :) xx

  4. Haha! Love that last pic! I quite like Gorgeous - Lush always has some great goodies.

  5. Good idea to keep the mascara container for the next Benefit mascara swap! I'm too quick with throwing out products I don't like and never have one to swap!

    The Face Shop mask sounds like something I need to try myself!


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