Sunday, May 17, 2015

Empties: May 2015

I watched The Avengers, Age of Ultron a few weeks back and loved every minute of it, personally, I was surprised since it was a sequel (and we generally don't expect much from sequels). Although, half the time I feel like I watch it just to look at Thor ... ANYWAY...

We are sprinting towards the middle of the year, I've been a slow coach in polishing off my products as usual.

Innoxa Lush Lash - This was a great everyday mascara, my lashes looked natural, some lengthening and curl observed. I noticed small amounts of smudges if I apply the formula to my lower lashes, but it's no where as bad as Rimmel's non-waterproof mascaras. Apparently this mascara will assist in lash growth and lengthening over time, unfortunately I didn't notice any growth.. or maybe I did and it was just really difficult to tell.. I enjoyed this product overall.

Avene Micellar - Micellar lotions are so hyped up at the moment and I'm on the wagon. I use it mainly AFTER cleansing ... yes after, you'd be surprised how much dirt, grime and left over makeup remains on your skin after you've cleansed. So far, Micellar lotions are the same to me regardless of the brand

Clear Scalp and Care Shampoo - Nice shampoo, no signs of dandruff after wash, my hair remained shiny for up to 3 days.

Gaia Foaming Cleanser - I really can't review this product, there was only enough for about 2 uses, all I can say is that it cleaned my face and I didn't experience any irritations.

FOA VS WOTNOT wipes - To be honest, I really can't tell the difference a part from the scent. Both were able to remove my base make up and most of my non-waterproof mascaras, lipsticks etc. Both had significant issues in removing waterproof mascaras.... my lashes fall out while using both..

Pore care pack - Got this pack from Daiso, back when everything was $2.8. My boyfriend and I slapped one on each, it did absolutely nothing for me, a bit of skin came off ... that's when I realised I didn't have blackheads. My boyfriend's sheet on the other hand... he pulled out all sorts of creatures from his pores. THIS WORKS.

Fuss Free Facials VS Lonvitalite Masks - The sheet for Fuss Free is rice paper thin, application was easy my covered all parts of my face. Whereas, I feel that Lonvitatlite provided a bit more hydration as the sheets were thicker...however, it's hard to pat down all corners of the sheet mask. My face felt dramatically better the next day using both, skin plump and hydrated...hard to decide, I love all sheet masks.

Harmoni's Kiss Lip balm - I got this from an Organic expo, it applied nice and smooth with all organic ingredients. I noticed a distinctive stale scent from the product and knew that it's time for the bin.

Australis Paparazzi Perfect Tinted Moisturiser- This was brilliant when I first got it, provided medium coverage and hid away most of my blemishes/pores. The product recently started to split and my face looked blotchy after application. Bin time.

BYS Blush and Bronzer - This was more of an illuminating bronzer than a blusher, my cheeks would glow like a disco ball all the time (I like matte cheeks - with the exception of parties and events - so it probably wasn't the right product for me). This was the only BYS product that was up to quality standards, I was thoroughly disappointed with their blush and eyeliners.


  1. I agree with miceller water, its the same across all brands to be honest! I've been buying the one from garnier and its amazing and very affordable!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  2. Yes to Avengers sequel! I actually liked Ultron? LOL he was so incredibly eloquent! His wit was more or less the same as Iron Man, which got a bit old towards the end to be honest. I watched it in 3D and seriously expected Thor's hammer to be thrown towards me or something like that - but nothing happened! Bahhhh

    I've found that Avene's Micellar Water works better on me than the Bioderma one. That one actually irritated my skin despite it promoted as gentle and great for sensitive skin.

  3. I love the start of this post! Haha... I love those sheet masks too!

  4. I haven't tried many of these products, so maybe I need to be out there buying some more of them? I am dying to see this movie. I love all of the Avengers and related movies. I'm planning to see it soon.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  5. Shhhh I still haven't seen the new Avengers movie haha! :P

    Those sheet masks are the best! I can't get enough of them hehe xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  6. Mmmmm Thor *insert dreamy eyes*.... Eeew, pore strips are so gross - but so cool at the same time!! Lol


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