Review: Scholl Velvet Smooth and Eulactol Heel Balm Gold {Graphic Pictures}

About the product:

- Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi is an electronic foot file with synthetic diamond crystals, the roller head rotates at high speed to gently buff out rough, hard and flakey skin on your feet.
- It is battery operated (requires 4 AA batteries - included)
- The roller head is detatchable, replaced and can be washed
- Ergonomically shaped with a soft touch handle
- Available in blue and pink

Price: $49.99 @ Priceline

How to use:

-Turn the silver ring of the pedi to activate the roller head, slide the head over the dry/hard skin on your feet for gentle exfoliation. If you press too hard, the roller will stop.
-Rotate around the required area of your feet, do not remain in the same area for more than 3-4 seconds.
- Once your feet/heel is nice and smooth, turn the pedi off
- Wash your feet, wipe and and apply moisturiser

About the product

- Effective in restoring dry and cracked heels, results visible in 3 days
- Non greasy
- Dermatologically tested
- Available in 60ml and 120 ml

Price: $13.99 for 60ml or $21.99 for 120ml (from Priceline)

How to use:
- Make sure your feet/heel is clean, apply a pea size amount of the balm to the dry/affected area of your feet
- Thoroughly massage the balm into the skin until it's mostly absorbed
- I like to apply this before bed and wear socks to trap the moisture

My Verdict

I've seen the pedi been advertised on TV for months, every time it comes up, I tell whoever is next to me that I need it. Nothing has worked for my dry and cracked heels it gets worse during dry, cool, winter seasons. I also have a bad habit of walking around bare footed and rarely wearing socks - until now. I've been too embarrassed to take my socks during group Yoga because of my heels, so I've stopped going altogether. Amazing that something as little as cracked heels can put a dent in your self esteem.

I've been battling my scaly heels for the past 6 months and tried buffing my heels with sand paper, filer, applied vaseline, body butter, all sorts of lotion/cream for extra dry skin. Nothing has worked to date. These two products are a game changer for me, the pedi buffs out my heel in no timer. I'd apply Eulactol Heel Balm two times per day for maximum effect, the balm has a vaseline-like consistency (but works much more effective). By the third day, my heels were quite soft with colonies of dry flakey skin observed, after 8 days I feel like I have human feet again, on the 12th day the skin on my heels seemed to have almost achieved full restoration.

Ready for the before and after? Sorry guys, I know it's gross.. but look at the results!! it's amazing!

In terms of the balm, I did take a couple of days break in between, but it definitely pays to be persistent. The balm is now sitting on my bed side table with a replacement balm already purchased, the result speaks for it self. Now that my heels are quite maintained, I will be using it once per day for maintenance. I am ecstatic with the results, my heels and confidence has been restored - it made quite a significant difference to my heel and quality of life in general - Scholl products are now officially added to my foot care collection :)

*These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own

Have you tried Scholls? 


  1. Love before and after shots! This pedi stuff is fantastic - I love all the bits of skin that come off!

    1. LOL! It's satisfying isn't it! it's like plucking eye brows for me

  2. Wow @ the results! Luckily for me my heels aren't cracked, but I might have to recommend the balm to my Mum as her heels are badly cracked. I love my Scholl Velvet Smooth, it really does leave your feet feeling that way, although people with ticklish feet might want to approach it with caution as it does tickle a bit when you use it.

  3. Great in depth review Lily! I have been putting off on that product for a long long time! Now I need to be on a look out when its on discount ;D

    xoxo celly

  4. I have been dying to try one of the roller things, your before and after photos have really inspired me!! You're not alone with your dry, cracked heels- mine look exactly the same!!


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