Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WHO WHAT WEAR: Wedding at Le Montage

I should really clarify the title, I attended my first wedding at Le Montage. It's my absolute first wedding where I was invited rather than a plus one. I am heavily wedding deprived, this is my second wedding (I've been to another one but it doesn't count because I had absolutely no idea who the bride or groom were, nor have I ever met them, sounds like a bit of a wedding crasher).

My long weekend was exceptionally busy, I spent Saturday preparing for the wedding, Sunday attending the wedding and Monday recovering from post wedding pseudo-hang over (even though I didn't drink- designated driver duties!).

This is hands down, the most amazing wedding I've ever been to (not that I have much to compare with) but I don't have any doubts that it will remain no. 1 in my wedding hall of fame in the future. Everything (including the bride and groom) were breath-taking. The wedding dress was covered in swarovski sparkles during their first dance... I felt like I was at a pop star's wedding.

 View from Le Montage - isn't it gorgeous!!!
A bouquet of flowers, one for every table

Bride and Groom during their first dance

For those who are following me on Instagram, you would've seen this picture... now you can see the works in action - although I didn't wear my Marcs Jacket as it wasn't cold enough!

A break down of what I wore:

- Shoes from Nine West
- Skirt from Cue
- Heat proof tights from Uniqlo
- Black lace top from a thrift store - believe it or not!


  1. Ahhh... weddings! I love that picture of the bride and groom dancing. You look really pretty too, and good job with the lace top!

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  3. Lily you look gorgeous! I havent been to a wedding in so long!! Love the photos

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  4. Wow, beautiful wedding! I've been to so many I think I've run out of them now lol. We'd go through stages where a heap of our friends would get married then a couple years later a heap more, I'm sad they're all done now :( love dressing up and partying with friends, and weddings are all so different! Love the sparkles when they danced!!!

  5. Everything looks so amazing! The best part about weddings is the food in my opinion :P

    Nice thrift find too!

  6. That is such a heart throbbing venue!! I have never seen such beautiful place in my life. Pretty soon I am going to tie the knot and looking for an exotic venue. I wonder if you know about such beautiful wedding venues San Francisco!!


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