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Review: Rimmel BB Radiance BB Cream and Lasting Finish Powder Foundation

I recently had the opportunity to try out some base products from Rimmel, I'd jump at any opportunity to trial foundations and powders. Finding the perfect base has always been a struggle for me. I have numerous different foundations/bb creams on my shelf and I never know which to go for in the morning.

If I don't get my base right... well, it's like a bad hair day.

Silky Biege

Silky Beige
Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Foundation in Silky Biege

Cost: $17.95 (from Target)

About the product
- Lasts for 25 hours
- Can be worn wet or dry
- Medium to full coverage
- Waterproof build-able coverage
- Available in 4 shades: Light Porcelain, Soft Beige, Silky Beige and Warm Honey

Silky Biege


- This product is quite versatile, I've used it wet - it glides on like a wet compact foundation with light-medium buildable coverage. Do not use a make-up spritz or setting spray to wet your brush or compact, I did that the first time around and the spritz created an impenetrable shell on the compact. Instead, just use water.
- For dry use, I recommend using a flat top brush and dabbing the product onto your face. The powder is finely milled, you won't be able to tell that you've got powder foundation on your face.
- It is waterproof, I purposely went swimming with this on and got out the pool with continous flawless skin! So if you're gonna hit the pool, beach, gig or a heavily sweaty event, and still want some basic coverage, this is your saviour.

Rimmel BB Radiance BB Cream in Medium

Price: $12.95 (From Priceline)
3 shades available: Light, Medium and Medium-Dark

It's 9 in 1:
- Primes
- Smoothes
- Conceals
- Minimises the appearance of pores
- Natural coverage
- Moisturises for 24hrs
- Awakens tired skin
- Brightens skin with Vitamin C Complex
- Provides a radian finish


- Smooth and easily blendable texture when using a brush or your fingers. I peronally prefer using fingers, as the heat assists with a more even coverage.
- I was able to achieve a medium coverage, pretty much all of my blemishes and little acne scars were gone after 1 coat. I wouldn't go ahead with two coats, looks cakey.
- I probably wouldn't recommend this for those who are conscious about their fine lines, I used it on mum and unfortunately it accentuated her fine lines.
- My skin gets ridiculously dry during winter, otherwise I have combination skin. My nose gets really dry and most foundations encourage the flaking of the little dry skin on my nose. This did not, it's great for dry skin.
- I have a lot of pores, it did minimise my pores to some degree, however still visible.
- The scent is quite pleasant, it's lighly floral and doesn't smell like an obvious lab.
- The fact that it only comes in 3 shades is a down fall, luckily medium suits me fine, it's not overly pink. I have light-medium olive skin.
- Longetivity wise, it lasted the working day - most foundation tend to stick on my face anyway.

*These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own


  1. I remember seeing this BB cream on your Instagram and was like =O 9 in 1!!! The texture actually looks a lot better than some of the other liquid BB creams I've seen!

    Really surprised that powder lasted through a swim! I'm definitely going to have to investigate this because that sounds absolutely amazing. Is it easy to remove at the end of the day?

    I'm currently using several foundations ahah. I'm quite liking the new Bobbi Brown serum foundation. It's a really nice texture and it covers pores pretty good! Only complaint is that the colours are a tad too yellow for me! I'm still loving my BB cushions as well. !

  2. The BB cream sounds lovely! Wish it was available in more shades though.

  3. It's good to see the BB cream is good for dry skin, been trying to find something thats drugstore but is good for my skin type! Thanks for the review Lily!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  4. That BB cream sounds lovely! Not great for fine lines, but great otherwise!

  5. My favourite foundation is Revlon Colorstay! I've never tried a powder foundation, loving the fact this Rimmel one is waterproof. :)

  6. I used this BB cream and finishing powder today for work. It is so quick and easy to apply when you're in a hurry and looks good too! Great product photos!

    Thanks for linking up to the Monday Makeup Madness link up party :)

  7. Wow looks good. I haven't tried any Rimmel base products before, very interested in the powder foundation. My current favourite foundation is the NARS Sheer Glow.

  8. Like the sound of the foundation Lily - anything that survives a dip in the pool is my kind of thing. Not that I swim, but I do have issues with foundation not lasting till I get home. My fave? Lancome Teinte Visionnaire - sooo expensive though xxx

  9. A great review, Target/Priceline have a good range of cosmetics don't they? I'm currently using (and totally loving) Arbonne CC cream, I love that the BB/CC creams are a skincare product as well as a cosmetic :-)

  10. Ive been using the BB cream, although I'm finding that the light is almost not light enough for me!

  11. I'm loving that 25hr powder and have already blown through the one I was sent and have had to grab a replacement! :) I picked mine up from Chemist Warehouse for under $14! Bargain!

  12. Great review- I've heard mixed reviews about this powder but Im still keen to try it :) I'll definitely look out for it in the current specials!

  13. aaah why does is accentuate lines :( i have some lines on my undereye area and its a bit hard to find a bb cream that doesnt seep in. i love rimmel products tho wish they were easier to find here :)


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