Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Event: Supanova Sydney 2015 {Pic Heavy}

Once a year (some times more) cosplayers, comic/anime/cartoon fantics, gamers, figurine collectors and sci-fi fans come together to celebrate pop culture and meet actors, artists, directors, creators, pupeteers and people behind the scenes. It's been around since 2000 and has developed rapidly in the past 5 years.

I will never understand why it's set in the blazing cold month of June. I had a costume ready but decided to rug up in a giant coat and scarf instead. It was either to remain sick or get even more sick, with little sleep and dreadful flu bags under my eyes, we soldiered on into the cold

 Thanks to Glamour Affair the day before, I was in posession of 4 Gothic Chic lipsticks from Shanghai Suzy, I decided to put Dove (a greyish blue) on, which explains why I look partially ill.

My partner and Deadpool Panda 


 Billy Bryan 
 Famous puppeteer who played Stay Puft Mashmallow Man in Ghostbusters, other associated characters includes King Kong, The Energizer Bunny and Cat in the Hat
 I'm not sure who these guys were but their costumes were pretty cool

 The old dude from UP and my new son
Female Darth Maul 


 John Jarratt
He played Mick Taylor in the Wolf Creek movie series. He is as creepy in real life.
I'm not much of a LOTR fan, but here's one of all of those who are - ONE RING... TO RULE THEM ALL. 

 Doof Warrior from Mad Max Fury Road
If you haven't seen it, yo better get a move on! It's probably one of the best movies I've seen this year.
 The Avengers  without Captain America 
 Iron man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and female Hawk- Eye
 My partner with his new Avenger friends

We also got a print out photo from HotShots
How amazing is his costume!!
 Darth Vader
He may look short but he was very tall!

My partner went a bit crazy with purchases, I was tame and picked up a couple of things....

I just couldn't go past the Pac Man ring ($8) I'm not a ring person, in fact I never wear rings, but this is better than Tiffany and Co.

My partner and I both purchased a T-shirt each, again, too funny to pass by...  finally found something to wear on Wednesdays ;)

Did you go to Supanova this year?


  1. Great photos, looks like you had a blast! I went to the Adelaide one last year and was geeking out at all the Doctor Who costumes. Hubby and I are sci-fi lovers so it was exciting to go to the talks and learn behind the scenes stuff from our favourite shows!

  2. Love your purchases! That ring! I've never been to Supernova, but I think about it every now and then.

  3. Never been to Supernova or will, as I was rejected as a vollie and when I asked if it was cause I wasn't pretty enough, they hung up. :P I work at all the cons and have years of experience and so can't figure out why - but then I recalled they asked for pictures... On the upside I'm working at Comic Con this weekend!

  4. I love the Pac Man ring! These events look so cool, again I live way too far away to consider going!
    The costumes are cool!


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