Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review: Dolly Wink Volume Mascara

This review is long over due, I purchased this mascara during my trip to Japan, I was buzzing up and down the make up isle trying to figure out which mascara I should buy. I picked up this Dolly Wink mascara, purely because it's got the word "Volume" written on it, and it's the only word on the shelves of mascaras that I understood.

I can't remember how much I purchased this for, but it was around $21 AUD, and it was in a duo eyeliner pack. I  believe it's retailing around random sydney stores for approximately $26.

Before and After

Natural lashes - No mascara

Curled lashes - No mascara

With Dolly Wink Volume Mascara 1 coat to top and bottom lashes
My Verdict
  • My lashes are naturally straight and most mascaras make my lashes droop, even after curling. So far, I've found Shiseido's waterproof mascara to be effective in holding my curl, and Benefit They're Real mascara to do a relatively decent job. This mascara tops the lot with a cherry on top. It's ultra-light formula allows my lashes to remain curled and stay curled. It lengthens, creates volume and won't smudge.
  • The brush has small bristles to coat all the difficult to reach lashes, I usually go over my lashes with one generous coat, otherwise you might see clumps.
  • The formula is fast drying... and did I mention that it'll last all day? My eyeliner and eye shadow would've creased into a muddle, but my lashes would remain in pristine condition.
  • This mascara is waterproof, but it's easily removable with make up remover - personally, I feel that it's much easier to remove than Benefit's They're Real mascara.
  • Accessibility is an issue. Quite a few Japanese/Korean make up shops in Sydney stores this mascara, otherwise, I've seen Dolly Wink products on Ebay and Yesstyle.
  • This is a mascara that every uncurlable-straight-lashed girl should have in their stash. Definitely my HG mascara.
Also note that there is a similar mascara with a silver cap, the reviewed mascara has a gold cap.

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  1. Great to hear that you like this because so do I! I got mine along with the eyeliner as well and I like how light it feels on my lashes! It's super easy to remove as well with just some warm water.

    God, I'm so jealous - you have such long lashes! Not only are mine poker straight but they're also very, very short... *cries a river*

  2. The after photo looks amaxing! I remember Shaaanxo reviewing this mascara, it looks great! Your lashes look ├╝ber long and curled! Great review :)

  3. I never heard of this mascara but it looks and sounds nice. Thanks for the review!

  4. That's great that this works and looks great on your lashes!! I've yet to try mascara/eyeliner from dolly wink despite it being sold at drugstores here. I LOVE Kiss me heroine for my mascara/eyeliner and that brand is my holy grail in that department but I totally will look out for dolly wink next!

  5. Great results and I love the cute gold cap with flowers packaging. I hadn't heard of Dolly Wink before! :)

  6. Isn't it good when you find a HG product that perfectly matches your needs!

  7. I think you mentioned that this was the one you were wearing at the event - and it's amazing in person!

  8. Cool, perhaps I'll have to give it a go! ^^

  9. I rarely curl my lashes, I'm thinking I need to do it far more often, just the change in your naked lashes is amazing! The mascara looks great :)

  10. Dolly Wink does my holy grail eyeliner, and I'm surprised I haven't stumbled upon their mascara before! I'm definitely keen to get my hands on it now because my lashes won't curl either! :C

  11. Dolly Wink does my holy grail eyeliner, and I'm surprised I haven't stumbled upon their mascara before! I'm definitely keen to get my hands on it now because my lashes won't curl either! :C


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