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A few weeks back, I went to see Jurassic World on the weekend of it's release, the line was out the door, at least 25% were children between the age of 6-15. With the last Jurassic Park movie hitting the cinemas circa 2001, this movie was highly anticipated. [SPOILER ALERT] Unfortunately, it was a little bit of a let down for me, I enjoyed Chris pratt until his bromance with the raptors excelled without reason - and I love bromance. The fact that Claire was running around in 6 inch heels throughout a dinosaur movie was ridiculous. Quite a few plot holes, the T-Rex would've killed the raptor + the main characters towards the end, I mean why stop after the hybrid? That defeats the whole nature of the T-Rex... and eventually, they'll have to contain the Rex (Didn't the whole park go to shits because of the T in the first movie?). Rant over.

I'm a bit of a movie buff, so bare with me as I learn to incorporate movie rants at the beginning of beauty posts.

Price: $11.69 (from Chemist Warehouse)
Shades: Pin Up (left) Purrr...Glossy Cat (right)

Product Claim

- Up to 6 hours of colour, shine comfort and moisture
- Infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E
- Featuring "Gloss-lock" technology; providing long-lasting 3 dimensional shine
- Non sticky light weight and comfortable to wear
- Available in 8 shades


Pin Up (top) Purrr...Glossy Cat (bottom)
My Verdict
  • It was definitely glossy - but most of my other glosses are glossy too, I don't think I'm really seeing the  "Gloss Lock Technology", what is that anyway...
  • I hate wearing glosses during winter or windy days, my hair just can't keep itself away from my glossy lips. While these weren't too sticky, I'd still recommend you to avoid using if you are as terrified of the hair in gloss situation during windy days.
  • My lips did feel moist to begin with, but with most glosses it tends to dry my lips out a little after an hour of wear. It was comfortable to wear and relatively light.
  • There's a weird perfumey, soapy, sickly sublte but sweet scent. I'm not a big fan (back story: I've developed an odd senstivity to smell a couple of years back during my university placement in outpatient rehabilitation where I had to be around a lot of used commode chairs).
  • It's accessible and affordable, the range of shades (or lack thereof) was a little bit of a let down, no corals, no purples and no darker shades.
  • This is definitely not my favourite gloss, I'd probably give it a 3/5. 

Purrr...Glossy Cat 

Pin up

*These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own

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  1. That back story is a little alarming! I actually loved the movie, and how they incorporated some of the stuff from the first movie, but I try not to look too hard at the plot holes. Oh! Incidentally, Pin Up looks lovely on you. Haha... All that chatter, and nothing about the gloss until the end!

  2. I have yet to see Jurassic World... most "serious" watches like myself (kind of a movie nerd) told me it's good to watch but nothing special. The idea of someone running around in heels is already going to annoy me though haha!

    Love these shades on you by the way :D

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  3. Pin up looks gorgeous on you Lily! Anyhow, I know how ridiculous it was for Claire to run in her heels, I thought the same way too!!

  4. Couldnt agree more about JP- very underwhelming. Great swatch and review- agree about the smell, they smell really similar to the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks, its kind of a skincare smell, a little odd. Good luck with your placement :)

  5. Pin Up looks like an amazing shade! Definitely need to pick that up next time I'm at Priceline!

  6. Pin Up looks so pretty on you. I'm with you on the hair in gloss dilemma on windy days. It's so annoying, isn't it?! I found that these didn't last anywhere near the claimed 6 hours. LOL

  7. I love the look of Pin Up on you. My favourites in this range are Snog & Rebel Red.

  8. I think we saw Jurassic World on the same weekend. It was a good movie but I totally agree with you, I was watching Claire sprinting in those high heels thinking...that's ridiculous!
    Great review, I prefer the look of the shade Pin Up, the other shade Glossy Cat is a bit too sheer and sparkly for me.

  9. Thanks for this review Lily! The pin up looks so pretty on you!
    Have a nice day & thanks for the lovely visit!
    Julie xo

  10. I agree, pin-up looks lovely. I love a good gloss but I errrrr more to the coral shades. Have yet to see JP, might wait and watch it from the comfort of home lol!

  11. Mmm loving the bright pink one hon - I have Snog and it's a beauty, just wish there were more shades in the range. Terrific swatches and great review ♥

  12. I love the movie chatter before the post! And great review on the glosses x

  13. Pin up looks like a pretty colour. These have been so hyped up lately but I haven't tried them, they don't appeal to me much. Great review btw, very honest!


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