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The Beaute Boutique is a growing online retailer embracing brands from all around the world, they are about to launch one of my favourite Australian brands, Eye of Horus - who's products are elegant and of quality. The Beaute Boutique is providing some generous offers to celebrate the launch so it's the perfect time to stock up! Keen? Keep reading!

  • Pre-launch offer: From now until August 31st, purchase any Eye of Horus product to enjoy free shipping for all Domestic and International orders. You will also receive a free Eye of Horus Necklace (you can check out the beauty below!)
  • Launch offer: From August 31st - September 13th, enjoy free shipping on all orders over $30 plus a complimentary sharpener and an Eye of Horus necklace.
Tempted? Here's how you can secure your order
  • Online store lauches on August 31st, pre-orders can be sent to
  • Check out Beaute Boutique Australia on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated with all upcoming offers. If you want to find out more about the talented guru behind The Beaute Boutique (or need a sneaky makeover) head over to

Separate reviews for Eye of Horus products coming soon, so stay tuned! Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

Have you tried products from Eye of Horus?


  1. This sounds great, I have been meaning to try Eye of Horus products. Will you be able to do a post with recommendations of your best buys from the brand please ?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes I sure will post up a review and recommendations :)

  2. Sure have! I've been using their mascara for a number of years, I really like it. I think they may have recently changed the formula a bit, I seem to be getting some smudging underneath my brows from time to time...that's never happened before. I've got a couple of their eyeliners too (Bronze Amulet & Scarab Sapphire), but I haven't really worn them that much since I'm not really an eyeliner wearer & can't apply the stuff properly to save my life!

  3. I've never heard of The Beaute Boutique. Have I been hiding under a rock? I'm going to have to check them out!

  4. ooo i wanna try this brand, looking forward to see what you got from beaute boutique! that last pic you shared is nice :)

  5. Ive been wanting to try EOH for awhile now!
    Great opportunity too, love free shipping!

  6. That necklace is so gorgeous! I had a look and there seems to be no prices on their facebook or instagram though... ;_;


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