Review: NYX Colour Mascaras + Swatches

Nyx cosmetics was a brand that I lusted for long before it was available in Australia. I remember procrastinating and refusing to complete my University assignments by spending hours filling my online cart with Nyx products right up till checkout, where I realised the site was based in the US and does not ship to Australia. I was guttered, that my dream of fulfilling my draws with Nyx Jumbo eye pencils has gone to dust. A few years on, Nyx has finally touched down in Australia, it is now the best selling cosmetic brand in Target!

Thankfully Nyx attended Bloggers United and we were all gifted 5 of the most gorgeous coloured mascaras. I've seen many deep coloured mascaras, this is the first time I've crossed path with cotton candy pastel mascaras. I love it.

Left to Right shades: Pink Perfect, Forget Me Not, Mint Julep, Coral Reef and Perfect Pear

About the NYX Cosmetics

For those who are on the ball with their Greek Mythology, Nyx is the Greek Goddess of night,  she dictates to both men and gods, she is older and more powerful than Zeus. Nyx is often portrayed as a beautiful and mysterious deity surrounded by darkness, the moon and stars. The Goddess of Night had inspired Toni Kho (Founder of Nyx Cosmetics) to name her makeup line after the mysterious and powerful Goddess with profound beauty, and thus in 1996 Nyx Cosmetics was born.

My Verdict
  • My initial thought when I saw these mascaras was... when will I wear them!? I took a risk and started wearing them to work. If you apply a couple of light coats, the colour is not in your face and in turn accentuates your eyes.
  • On the Monday after Bloggers United, I wore Forget me not and received compliments from my colleagues, they thought my lashes looked amazing! Haha, I felt like a fairy with purple lashes!
  • These mascaras are waterproof, initially I was quite upset about this mainly because I don't own a lot of makeup remover and would rather rinse mascaras off with lukewarm water or cream cleanser. But uh... after having to walk home in the rain, I appreciated the waterproof formula. You won't be crying any fairy tears as the product will not stray from your lashes. Given it's waterproof effect, I would also recommend application to lower lashes.
  • The colours will not fade, I came home from a long 10 hour day and my lashes were still as flattering as ever!
  • Some curling power observed when mascara is applied after I have curled my lashes. Since the colours are so cute and funky, it really doesn't matter whether your lashes are curled or not.
  • Since I've had my haircut, I feel a little bit more daring, I've been using these for everyday wear (especially on days where my work attire is pure black) and I don't feel out of place. If you are hesitant, apply a light coat on top of your black mascara (after it dries) OR apply a light coat to your lower lashes.
  • These are also fantastic for dress up parties, a night out, halloween, birthdays, hens.... and parties in general.
  • Mint Julep and Forget Me Not are my favourite!


Forget me not
Mint Julep

Coral Reef

Pink Perfect
Perfect Pear
*These products were received from Bloggers United goodie bag, all opinions are my own
Are you a fan of coloured mascaras?


  1. Forget me not definitely makes your eyes pop!

    Louise walkaboutbeauty

  2. I'm loving the Mint Juleps and Forget Me Not shades the best!

  3. Yes I agree, Forget Me Not and Mint Julep for the win! Very pretty (and fun)!

  4. Such cute colours!! They look really nice on you! I'm not a fan of coloured mascaras so they won't be for me.

    xo Kat @ Katness

  5. Your verdict really fine, here every colors are most dominant color where we want it mostly pink.

  6. Love, love, love Mint Julep on you! I might have to try this for work...

  7. Im having so much fun with these as well, arent they awesome!

  8. How did you get the mascara off when you were done. In my experience all the makeup remover in the world didn't work. Stuff was like glue!

  9. I used lancome makeup remover! Got rid of it quite well!

  10. I used lancome makeup remover! Got rid of it quite well!


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