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FACTORIE Make Up Make Out Beauty Range + Swatch & Video

Factorie is a well established lifestyle brand most well known for their fashion. In late October, Factorie launched their first beauty range Make Up Make Out. The new collection features a variety of products, from contour kits to macaroon lip balms with prices ranging from $4.96- $24.95 ... super affordable and perfect for the upcoming summer!

Bronzer in Sun Kissed - $19.95

With slight shimmer, a gorgeous bronzer that literally looks sun-kissed on your skin. Currently the only shade available, however I imagine this to suit most skin types. This bronzer will give you a natural glow that's not over-powering or overly shimmery. I've been using this mainly to contour, but also as a cheek colour on the apples of my cheeks. At first glance, my initial thought was that this bronzer will definitely turn orange on my skin... but to my ardent surprise, it not turn orange or muddy, it was a really lovely shade actually. The product is subtly pigmented, I would recommend to gently tap your brush into the product and slowly build up the colour as required, it is easily blendable. As per my video, you can double this up as an eyeshadow. The product lasted for a solid 5-6 hours. I'm a tactile person, so I really like the rubberized matte packaing (reminds me of NARS products), you will get some fluff stuck on it but nothing too severe. I'm quite happy with the overall quality of this bronzer!

Macaroon Lip Balm - $9.95

Here we have a cute little lip balm in the shape of a macaroon, there are currently four flavours available (Marshmallow Bliss, Raspberry Smooth, Vanilla Fling and Watermelon Crush), mine is in Vanilla Fling and it smells like a delicious dessert. The balms are completely translucent and you'll get a glossy finish. Moisturisation wise, it wasn't too bad, my lips stayed quite hydrated within the first 3-4 hours. My lips did feel a little dry once the balm wore off so I'd recommend reapplication every 3-4 hours. Due to the glossy finish, I would recommend this over lipsticks too. Can't get over the cuteness though!

Mascara (Black) - $9.95

The mascara brush is slightly curved allowing an easier application, I was really happy to see the short bristles as bigger wands don't usually work too well on my small lashes. The formula dried fairly quickly and I found it to be water resistant. I applied 2 coats to my upper and lower lashes (I love how it really lengthened my lower lashes), went out to sculptures by the sea on a hot-windy day and returned with no smudges. It is easily removable with a cream cleanser in warm water.  I did notice some lift and curl to my lashes once applied, since my lashes are so straight, even  a slight curl is classified as a solid effort.

 Hair Jewels
 This is a GWP item available in December 2015 with any purchase that's $20 or more in stores

This is the first time I've come across hair jewels, I was a little hesitant to use it at first but shortly feel in love after the first application. It is easily applied with a hair straghtener or a curling iron, the jewels will transfer onto your hair within 5 seconds (see video below for application).
Ensure to comb your hair prior to transfer as the jewels will fall out if you start running your hair brush through it. However, once applied it stayed on all day, I had my hat on, the wind turning my hair upside down and the little cuties didn't go anywhere. Although not recommended, but you can wear it to bed, as an uncontrollable roller in bed a few did fall out, with 3 left in my hair the next morning. Removal is really easy, they can be easily washed out with water or just pick them off. I don't do a whole lot with my hair so I loved this and I felt like a mermaid.
2 coats of Factorie's Mascara - top and bottom lashes
Factorie Bronzer

Hair Jewels
Video Application 

*These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own. 


  1. Ahh how cute are those hair jewels!! I had no idea that they did a makeup line, the packaging looks awesome x

  2. I haven't been to Factorie in ages! Their new products look really cute.

    xo Kat @ Katness

  3. I like those hair jewels! I reckon they would do well at a festival.

  4. I'd never heard of hair jewels before. They look fun. Perfect for New Year's Eve.

  5. These products are so pretty and have great packaging. I really like the hair embellishments.

  6. Nice to see that the products aren't too bad. I'd been keen to try them.

  7. What a fun video, and beaut to see your pretty face hon! That bronzer looks excellent - not too potent or shimmery (my kind of thing!) and the hair jewels are super sweet and super easy to apply, well done ♥

  8. Ooh I love the look of the hair jewels.. I've never seen them before... and the macaron lip balm is so cute!

  9. I love the packaging and the hair jewels. I hope this is a summer trend, I would like to get diamantes on my hair.

  10. Ooh, hair jewels, how fun! Also the macaroon lip balms are just too cute. I want Marshmallow Bliss!

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