Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Empties October 2015

This year is just flying, we're in November and sprinting towards Christmas, which is really exciting because I get a week and a half off work woohoo for forced annual leave...!

I finished a few things last month, but my empties are no where as impressed as Leah's from Temporary Princess, as far as I'm concerned, she is the queen of empties.

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly
This will sound really stupid, when I first got this product I had no idea how to use it and did not bother reading the instruction and decided to break out little bits to shower with. Eventually I got sick of it and gave it to my boyfriend who loved it, he used it every night and came out of the bathroom smelling like fresh lemonade.
Repurchase? Yes. He will be repurchasing!

Lonvitalite Collagen Crystal Eye Mask
The bags under my eyes are a little out of control, I don't usually get a good night sleep since I have surreal and vivid dreams every night with added intensive teeth grinding (I've already put a hole in my 8 month old night guard) - I really hate sleeping, I wake up feeling more tired than ever. Which resulted in my love for eye masks, personally I feel these eye masks makes a difference, some de-puff was noticed after use and it definitely prevented fine lines around my eyes.
Repurchase? Yes!

Lush American Cream Hair Conditioner
I very rarely condition my hair, but I really liked this product, it smelt like an amazing creamy dessert and there's nothing than smelling like a yummy dessert. I didn't really notice a whole lot of difference to my hair quality though.
Repurchase? Probably not

Wotnot Facial Wipes
Wotnot was my go to brand for facial wipes, they must've changed their ingredients over time, I would occasionally experience irritations around my eyes, so I used it mainly to remove lipstick and some base products.
Repurchase? No - I'm keen to try a few other brands first

Polished off a few samples, I was impressed by Dr Hauschka's Melissa day cream it was intensively moisturising yet non-greasy, I can see why people praise this brand! I was also really happy with Dermalogica's Intensive Eye Repair, the product is easy absorbed and does not sit on the surface of my skin. After I finish a few of my eye creams, I will look into purchasing Dermalogica's.

Unfinished Products

Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle Day Cream - It's hit or miss with a lot of Nivea products, unfortunately this was a miss, the product sat on the surface of my skin and did not play nice with my foundations. It would roll off my face along with any makeup products. So it's time for the bin

Australis Makeup Finishing Spritz - Really sad to throw this product out, it's a lovely spritz to set your makeup or for warmer days. I've only used 20% but had it for ages, there's some weird fluffy business going on in the bottle, bin time also!


  1. Haha! Love it! Just wait till you see what I have coming up in my empties! And can I say, fluffy business in that Australis spray? Disturbing!

  2. I remember not having a clue on how to use those shower jellies so I gave up on them - too much hassle!

    xo Kat @ Katness


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