Review: Scunci Back Combing Brush and Mini Round Brush

What are the benefits of hair brushing?

  • Before hair brushes and combs, women used seashells, animal bones and jaggered stones to tame their mane.
  • Shiny Hair. Hair brushing flattens the outer layer of your hair allowing your hair to look more reflective and shiny.
  • Cleansing. Apparently hair brushing is equivalent to the effects of dry shampoos. Hair brushing will help remove dead skin cells, uric acid crystal deposits that may clog up the pores and follicles on your scalp.
  • Stimulation. Hair brushing is known to assist blood circulation by stimulating blood capillaries on your scalp. This will help maintain the healthy state of your hair as nutrients and oxygen is transported through brushing.
  • Untangle. Regular brushing will help with untangling tangled hair, however ensure to avoid brushing through tangled wet hair as wet hair is more prone to breakage than dry hair.
  • Natural conditioner. Brushing will trigger the production of sebum from various glands, these sebum secretion can act as a natural conditioner making hair stronger and smoother.
Mini Round Brush

Back Combing Brush

About the Brushes

Mini Round Brush - $7.95

  • A part of Scunci's "Retouch" brushes, this brush is used to keep your hair looking gorgeous all day, perfect for your purse.
  • Use to keep your fringe or layers looking tidy when you are out and about.
Back Combing Brush - $7.95
  • A part of Scunci's "Finish" brush - for final touches
  • Used to create extra volume boost in a matter of seconds
  • Nylon bristles for the perfect amount of friction for backcombing against your root without damaging your hair
  • Slim line pin tail handle for parting the hair for backcombing or creating updos
  • Perfect for all hair types and lengths
  • Only use this comb on dry hair
  • Ensure to remove loose hairs on a regular basis, gentle wash with a small amount of shampoo to remove dirt and air dry over night.
My Verdict  
  • As someone with short straight hair, I often neglect my hair and at times skip brushing altogether, mainly due to static from my cheap $2 brushes (I must sound really deprived, especially from my last post about using crappy disposable razors and now to awful hairbrushes). Again, these brushes are considered a "luxury" in my stash compared to my broken plastic comb and brushes.
  • I adored the Mini Round Brush, it's the perfect size for my purse. I've been using it for general brushing and retouching, works fabulously either way. The little beads on the end of the bristles does an excellent job at massaging my scalp!
  • The pointy end of the Back Combing Brush has been used to part my hair while it's damp. If I'm looking for a little bit of volume, this comb does a quick and effective job. Although the first time I tried it, I was a bit heavy handed and bent some bristles... so be gentle!
  • No static. Neither brushes gave me any static sensation and both were gentle on my scalp.

 *These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own


  1. That'a a tiny brush! I think the amount of hair that I have would break it lol. I use a wide flat 'tangle ease' style brush which is great as it brushes well and detangles the knots gently. I use a back combing brush when I need to create puffs for dancing lol. I'm so bad at back combing thought!
    xo Kat @ Katness

  2. Wow, I remember using those type of brushes in the 80s! They were awesome.

  3. I'm so tempted to get one and try it myself. Thanks for visiting my blog btw.

  4. I never know which brush is meant to be used for what, so I love that the packaging is clearly labelled. Haha. What do I know. I've got a Tangle Teezer and a fringe brush and that's it. lol :)

  5. I have a different back comb brush, and I love it for big hair days!


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