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5 Tips for a Budget Holiday

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1. Travel off-season. If you are on a budget like me but still like to travel, avoid peak season. I was researching flight fares to Singapore and there was a drastic difference between the on/off peak seasons, ranging from $500 one way to $250 one way. The best and most reliable place I go to find my flights is on Webjet, they will provide a line up of all traveling airlines on your selected date, it's easy to find a bargain. I avoid Flight Centre like the plague, they always seem to have the most expensive deals. My travel guru friend recommended for me to travel any time outside of school holidays, fly mid week and if I'm really keen to save, book a flight for the crack of dawn.

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2. Disaster Travels. By disaster I mean travel to which ever country that's going through economy decline or any countries that had a recent natural or man made disaster - i.e., Malaysia plane incident, Greek economy issue and current Paris attack. I'm a little hesitant about this tip, but I've met adament travellers who swears by it. Those travellers had had saved thousands of dollars by traveling to countries when others prefer not to. When we see riot and anarchy in the news, they thinks travel opportunity.

3. Avoid ATMS. The amount of fees we had to pay to take our money out overseas was absolutely ridiculous. I'd keep a keen eye on the conversion rates and exchange a little over my estimated budget.

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4. Fly budget airlines. I'd highly recommend budget airlines when traveling within Australia or when flying to one country only. Tiger airline was on time and fantastic all round during my trip from Sydney to Port Douglas. There are often significant monetary disparities between budget and non-budget airlines ($199 VS $350), even with an additional $40 for your meals, it still works out better. However, I wouldn't recommend budget airlines for connecting flights due to apparent delays.

5. Travel light. If you are traveling for 1-1.5 weeks, within Australia.. try to pack the bare essentials. I usually travel with my back pack and it's fantastic, I don't have to wait for my luggage or pay extra for unnecessary clothing. Since there's no liquid/gel/aerosol restrictions within Australia you can take all your creams and cleansers.

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Please leave your travel tips, I'd love to hear it as I am planning my trip for next year!


  1. Great tips. While My tip is, if you want to have relaxing holidays choose a cheap country, you can have luxurious time with little amount of money. Like choose Malaysia instead of Singapore, Indonesia instead of NZ.
    Also I feel that if you are traveling with Small Kids, Avoid expensive metropolitan cities, because you can not catch trains and buses in time with kids. Its better to go to that country where texi is cheap and you can commute in Texi instead of public transport.

  2. These are great tips, especially travelling off season!! A winter christmas in Europe would be nice :)

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  3. Great tips! There are also some great apps to help you seek the best flight prices.

  4. There's no such thing as travelling light once the four kids come along haha I think you've already mastered the clothes packing only taking a backpack, my one tip is to def pack the basics! No one notices you're wearing the same outfits on rotation when they're all strangers :)


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