Ebay is a wonderful place to find cheaper alternatives, although I do have one rule where I never ever purchase cosmetics or skincare from Ebay. When it comes to brand names, there's every chance of it being a replica or stocks from many years ago. And as for cheap/unbranded makeup.. well, I don't know what's in the tube, whether it's safe and I'm not willing to become a human guinea pig.

So my Ebay hunt has been for tools.

Oval Brush Cleaning Glove

I did not want to fork out $40 to purchase a brush cleaning glove from Sigma, so here's a $1 alternative from Ebay. It's about 7cm in length and 5.2cms wide made from silicone. You can put two fingers in the egg to hold the brush, but that feels a bit yonic, so I like to hold it between my thumb and index finger (see picture below). This is a great cleaning pad for travelers.

The smaller knobs on top is made for foaming and lathering. I've been bashing my brushes against the sink and my fingers, this product is an absolute life saver. And yes, my powder brush fits on the cleaning pad as well.

If you are looking for a bigger pad under $15 click here.

I paid $1 for this item, postage inclusive. Click here to purchase or search "egg brush cleaner"

Brush Cleaning Pad

I caved and purchased this brush cleaning pad because I wanted something hands-free. The little oval egg cleaner is great for traveling, but not so great when I have 20 brushes that needs to be cleaned and no sink space to place my clean brushes.

The pad sticks onto tubs and sinks, you just need to make sure you don't stick it on a wet patch to prevent it from slipping and moving around. Some of the listing shows people cleaning their brushes in a small shallow tub with the pad stuck close to the rim of the tub, it is probably ideal for this item.

I stuck the pad inside the sink and eventually the base got wet and started slipping, so make sure you stick the pad towards the top edge of your sink. I have to warn you that this does wobble a bit, so if you feel like this is not for you, I'd highly recommend the larger cleaning pad (sigma inmitation) - unfortunately this product will not go well with the design of my sink drain.

I paid $1.89 for this on Ebay including postage, click here to purchase or search for "brush cleaning pad"

Oval Makeup Brush

I have seen a similar brush with a brand logo sold for up to $42, here's your $1.79 alternative.

If you ever wanted to give an oval brush a go, head over to Ebay, it is essentially the same product minus the brand commissions. This brush is of high quality, the brush itself is dense and super soft. I will write a separate post comparing this brush to my beloved flat top brush.

I paid $1.79 for this brush, postage inclusive. Click here to purchase or search for "toothbrush makeup brush"

Bamboo Brush Set - 11 pieces

This bamboo brush set was irresistable. The bristles are soft, dense and it doesn't really shed after wash. A part from the angled eyeliner brush that needs a bit of trimming because it was a bit curved - everything else was fine. I've had this set for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it, it's as good as my expensive brushes.
I paid $8.08 including postagefor this set on Ebay. Click here to purchase or search for "Bamboo brush set 11 pieces"

Brush Holder

I have written about brush cleaning and this particular brush holder here. So I won't go into too much detail. All I wana say is that it is super duper handy!

I purchased this for under $5 including postage, I noticed a slight inflation on Ebay for this product.

There are better quality brush holders now on ebay for about $10 just search for "acrylic brush holder dryer".

Have you come across any good Ebay buys?


  1. I have problems with my sigma high density kabuki brushes... After I was them the bristles separate and never maintain their shape even if i wash them with baby shampoo... Have you had the same problem with the bamboo brush set?

    1. I dont have that issue at all with the bamboo brushes!!

  2. Thank you for this post. I'll be heading over to eBay later today to purchase some of the brush cleaning pads and brush holders.

  3. You've found some great bargains! I haven't shopped on eBay in ages, as there are so many fakes, but brushes and brush cleaners is an awesome idea :)

  4. ohmygosh, haha you are the worst (best) enabler!
    You know I already have the oval brush... I wish they came in ALL sizes !
    I got a little brush cleaning pad from Daiso - well its really a 'face scrubber' - but, hey same same !
    Definitely interested in the brush tree too! Since I have... LOADS of brushes!

  5. Great post - thanks for the tips! Especially interested in the cleaning pads and the brush holders . . .

  6. Awesome finds, Lily!! The oval brush looks interesting. I think I seen Etude House have something similar and I was intrigued. Will have to get that brush holder! :)
    Yours Truly, NY


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