Thursday, March 31, 2016


It's not everyday that I get a man haul at my door, I share my beauty products with my mum and occasionally with my boyfriend. My father is forever envious of the beauty packages I receive (he said he wants some packages too). So here's one for the boys. Since my partner shaves his head and doesn't have a lot of hair to style, I gave him the cleanser to trial and review. While dad, with a head full of hair took care of the Wella products.

Even though dad is in his late 50s he still like to style and take care of himself. Dad use to have luscious hair, after he agreed to be a guinea pig to trial some of his friend's "home-made" shampoo it hasn't been the same. For special occasions, dad likes to use gel or hairspray. We recently had a dinner event so it was the perfect opportunity to put the Wella products to the test.

Wella Just Brilliant Shine Pomade provided incredible shine, it's like a gloss for hair! Definitely something I'd imagine Danny Zuko (John Travolta in Grease) would use to make his hair nice and glossy. It coats nicely over your natural hair with minimal hold as the shine pomade has a hold level of 1 out of 4. The texture is a little bit waxy and quite thick but easy to apply. The scent of this product is quite strong, very sweet and musky. Dad said he liked the shine but wasn't a big fan of the scent.

If you are looking for a product to create some gentle styling, try Wella Grip Cream. This was Dad's favourite. As a middle aged man, he preferred a "light wave" (those were his words) rather than spiked hair. The texture of the Grip Cream is very creamy (Dad had never used a grip cream before) he was pleasantly surprised that the cream was of such a pleasant consistency, it was also easy to spread, manipulate and apply. Once applied the Grip Cream gave a lovely fruity aroma. The hold level is 3 out of 4 and it will last all day!

Wella Sculpt Force is something else, this is your go to product for spiked hair or if you want to turn your hair into a work of art. The gel consistency is all too familiar however, it is not slimy or tacky like some of the hair products dad had many years ago. Sculpt Force posses a hold level of 4 out of 4! Sculpt Force comes in a squeezable bottle and has a subtle floral scent. This product is heavy duty.. and the result? well... scroll down and see for yourself.

Lewin & Reilly Organic Sandalwood and Virgin Coconut Cleansing Cream was given to my boyfriend. He cleanses... on occasion but he is now in love with this cleanser. It is the perfect product for men with dry skin and his skin is dry as hell. The sandalwood scent is visible however not over-powering. My boy Sam said that his skin felt soft and moisturised after using this cleansing cream. He was initially concerned that he might break out due to the heavy consistency of the cleansing cream, but there were no breakouts in sight!

Dad's natural hair - no products used

Dad's hair after styling. Grip Cream to the left portion and Sculpt Force to the right portion of hair.

Now, I know it's difficult to determine the effect of Wella Sculpt Force from the above picture (it also simply does not do justice).. and dad did not want his hair to be spiked. So I took the liberty to show you guys what this extra strong flubber gel is capable of!!!

It's not a flattering look so feel free to laugh, I was honestly just bored and curious, but holy moly. How amazing is the hold! I wanted to see if it would work for those with long hair and whether it would wilt in an hour.. oh no it didn't! My hair stayed like this for  about 5 hours until I decided to washed it off. Very very impressive.

To quench your product lust and thirst, head over to for all your self care and beauty needs.

*These products were provided for editorial purposes, all opinions are from myself, my partner and my dad in this post.


  1. My husband's hair is so thick and dense, it resists all attempts to style other that trimming into shape like topiary. I wonder if that mega hold stuff would be any good!

  2. My hubby is right into the pomades, muds, waxes and all those styling things. The grip cream sounds interesting. Love the funky hair, Lily!


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