Sally Hansen Complete Care 7 in 1 Review

The quality of my nails has diminished significantly from frequent nail polish remover use. My nails ended up brittle, dull and often splits. Sally Hansen's Complete Care 7 in 1 was all the rage online a couple of weeks back. I was excited to try this product and see whether the condition of my nails will improve!


  • Helps restore dry and brittle nails
  • Nails will look shiner stronger, moisturised and brighter with ridges filled
  • Contains avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate extract and calcium
  • Dries to a smooth, hard finish
  • Can be used alone or with a nail colour as a base and top coat
Price: $19.95 for 13.3ml at Priceline

  • I stupidly thought this product would smell like coconuts, for some reason I think all nail "treatment" products would. So took a big sniff of the opened bottle and boy I regretted that. It smells exactly like nail polish.
  • I applied one coat to each nail and as per product claim, the ridges were filled instantaneously. My nails looked shiney and healthy again. I can't even see the split nail.
  • This can definitely be used as a base or a top coat given it's nourishing formula.
  • By the third day my nails look great!!! On the 4th day I noticed chipping around the edge of my nails (see photo below). I did go to a cake decoration event the night before, unless all the cream and custard had some effect on it? 
  • Nonetheless, I think the nail treatment did my nails good, look how smooth and shiny it turned out! Chipping on the 4th day is not too bad considering most nail polish would chip on the third day.

Day 3

Day 5

*This product was provided for editorial purpose, all opinions are my own.


  1. Love the up close photos. I have this too and LOVE IT as a base coat, but not as a top coat

  2. Love that you did progress shots, I never think to do that! I'm going to keep using mine and see if my results improve with time :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. My nails are dreadful, constantly peeling and flaking. I need some TLC, I have tried so many things and nothing seems to work. I have tried some other Sally Hansen products and liked them so I may give this one a go!

    Cultivation of Jasmin


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