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KOSMEA Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil Review

The first week of July is over! I have been ridiculously sick for the past week and the sickness is finally making it's way out of my body, slowly but surely. I blame all the people coughing and sneezing on me on the train. Today I have a sponsored post for you guys, even though it's in the disclaimer, I want to make it clear in the intro that I will always write my reviews the same regardless of sponsorships. Trust and reliability is crucial for me in my blog and my line of work. I always tell my clients that they need to be 100% honest with me otherwise there will come a point where I can't help them.

Ok! So before I go completely off track. Let me introduce Kosmea's Rosehip Oil. I actually learned a few very important bits of information by using this product for the past 4 weeks.


Kosmea's Rosehip Oil claims that it may be able to assist with the following:

- Fine lines/wrinkles
- Signs of ageing
- Scars and blemishes
- Pigmentation
- Stretch marks
- Dry and sensitive skin
- Eczema
- Uneven skin tone
- Acne
- Scars and burns
- Sun damage
- Rashes
- Psoriasis
- Dermatitis
- Cradle cap and nappy rash


When I first received this product, I thought to myself, how is this Rosehip oil different to all the other brands I have ever tried? After reading through Kosmea's fact sheets, I was blown away!

  • Kosmea uses the entire Rosehip to extract the oil, the fruit, skin, seed and all for maximum vitamin content.
  • Heat and chemicals are not used during oil extraction.
  • Due to the holistic use of the entire fruit and extraction method, Kosmea's Rose hip oil contains more Vitamin A than a lot of my favourite Australian and New Zealand brands!!
  • Rosehips are ethically sourced from Lesotho, South Africa. The crops are 100% USDA certified organic wild crops.

Price: $13.95 for 10ml, $27.95 for 20ml, $29.95 for 42ml

  • Before we go into the product performance. I just wanted to point out that doing your research on a brand and product is ridiculously important before purchasing. I was not very familiar with Kosmea but once I sat down with a cup of tea and learned more about the company, I was partially sold. Their philosophy resonates with me; sustainability, holism and environmental wellness.
  • IMPORTANT: Before I received this Rosehip oil, I  have actually stopped including oils in my routine mainly because the oils didn't sit on my face quite right, doesn't get absorbed properly and difficult to spread. Have we all been using Rosehip Oils INCORRECTLY?! I have always applied Rosehip oil onto dry face. According to Kosmea in order to achieve best results, skin must be damp. Well that explains it all!! Because when applied on damp skin, the oil spread with ease.
  • I have been using this product day and night for the past 4 weeks, during day time, I mix 2 drops of rosehip oil with my foundation to help out my winter skin, it works wonders. During the evening, I have been using 3 drops of Kosmea Rosehip oil all over my dampened face with the residual applied on my neck.  I have been using an alcohol free, spray on toner to dampen my face.
  • I found that when my skin is hard and peeling, the rosehip oil is not enough and I need additional, heavy duty products. This happens on and around my nose every winter. I did have to use Vaseline on my nose to rid and to break down the extra hard and dry skin for a couple of days.
  • One side of my face has been flaky ever since the cool weather arrived, Kosmea's Rosehip oil really did help keep the flakiness at bay! (see pictures below. There has been evenings where my skin felt so great and I didn't need to apply any additional night cream. My skin feels beautifully soft following the use of Kosmea's Rosehip Oil and I feel that I can see some difference in the overall quality of my skin now that I am actually applying Rosehip oil correctly.
  • Due to my break outs a couple of months ago, my skin was bearing a small amount of scarring, although my scars do eventually fade, I feel that the process was sped up a little bit while using Kosmea's Rosehip Oil. Since they are small dark freckle like scars (and I have a LOT of freckles) the healing process is usually slower for me and less noticable until the scars are no longer visible. I feel that I need to continue to use this product in order to determine the long term effect and whether it will rid my acne scarring/even out my skintone in the long run.
  • I was quite happy with the way the oil worked, as I feel that I noticed a difference to my skin, especially to the flakiness, I tried to document my progress in photos below, the first picture was taken in a different light, the rest are a little bit more consistent! Now that I know Kosmea's Rosehip Oil has up to 8 times more Vitamin A than other rosehip oils in stores, I think I know what I will pick off the shelf next time I'm shopping for a rosehip oil.

Before I wrap this post up, just want to mention another point I've learned while using and researching Kosmea Rosehip Oil. You can still use a serum under rosehip oils, just ensure it is water based. That makes sense right? Oil sits on water but not the other way round. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Lily not Louise received payment for this post, product was provided for consideration, however as always all opinions are my own.


  1. Hey Lily. Oh my, that tip about making sure your face is damp. I'll have to try it. I've heard so many people raving about Kosmea, so I'll have to try it once my Rose Hip Plus runs out.

  2. Glad to hear that I've been applying my oils right all this time! Hope you're feeling tons better! And great review!

  3. Kosmea was one of the first RHO brands I used back when I started in pharmacy. So lovely to use I remember and I used one of their other products when my face decided to be all dermatitis-y.

    xo Kat @ Katness

  4. I definitely think the type of rosehip used makes a difference. Kosmea uses Rosa Rubiginosa instead of Rosa Canina (most other brands use this). If you are interested, Sukin, Thursday Plantation and SHE uses Rosa Rubiginosa as well.


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