Sunday, August 7, 2016

BOOKI BROW CO Brow Kit Review, Swatches and Video

Booki Brow Co is the new kid on the block, founded by Brooke Jesberg  who has a whooping 12 years of experience in the brow industry. Booki Brow Co is all about turning brow-confidence into self-confidence. Making everyday a good brow day.

Three key products were released Trio Compact (define, blend and highlight), duo brow brush and duo highlighting brush.

I have never been a brow person until I recently got my brows done for the first time ever, now I love doing my brows!!!

A solution for black brows...

There are two brow sets from Booki Brow Co, one for brunettes and one for those with black brows like myself. I don't dye my hair and its jet black, so are my brows. I had to buy brow products from Korea or use a greyish taupe colour in order for it to suit my brows. Is it me or is there really not a lot of mainstream brands that carries brow products for those with black hair and brows?

I don't know about you but, it was a struggle for me, the entire palette is always brown, dark brown and very deep brown. So you can probably envision my surprise when I saw the palette for darker hair YESSS finally a colour that suits me!!! Thank you Booki Brow Co!!!

Before we get into the review, since the brunette palette didn't suit me, I decided not to dip my fingers into the product and gave it to a friend who will put it to good use.

My Verdict..

I absolutely love Booki Brow Co's dual ended brushes and spoolie. The products are easy to apply and buildable. My brows stayed put all day long and the highlighter colour is amazing, I have been using it as a highlighter for my cheeks too!

There were small amounts of fall out but nothing significant as the shadows seem to be densely packed. To be honest, I don't have a lot of experience with brow products since I only recently started doing my brows, so I am quite satisfied. But I can tell you that you can achieve both a natural and a bold look with this kit. Once you use the spoolie all the harshness will disappear.


Video Demonstration (Bold-ish Brows)
Since I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to brows, the below is just a product demonstrate of how I have been using the products. I like the inner half of my brows to look a little bit more natural so I don't look angry! Hence, using the deeper brown for inner half and black grey for the rest. But everything gets blended together eventually!

Disclaimer: All products featured in this post were provided for editorial purposes. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love the packaging of these products! They look really lovely too!!! xx

  2. I'm not familiar with this brand. The packaging is gorgeous and your eyebrows look great!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I have seen this brand popping up all over Instagram so it was great to see your review and swatches! Until you mentioned it I had never thought of there not being many black brow products (probably because I have brown brows hehe) but you are so right! Thanks for a great post lovely x

  4. Stunning product presentation Lily, love the vid - your brows look so professional, great work hon. Oh I hope she brings out one for blondes! xxx

  5. Wow! What a great result! I've never used this brand.

  6. I never heard of this brand, their brow products look amazing.


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