Saturday, August 6, 2016

Empties: June - July 2016

Can't believe we how fast this year is going, we are in AUGUST! How insane!
I have a small lot of collective empties from June to July, I always feel that the empties verdict is the most accurate because I spent a lot of time finishing (or partially finishing) the entire product. So if there's any product you are curious about, have a read!

Tony and Guy Dry Shampoo
I really can't tell the difference between dry shampoos this worked as well as my Batise ones. I tend to only use this when my hair feels disgusting and needs a wash. Now that I wash my hair every second day I haven't really found the need to repurchase.

SkinB5 Acne Control Caplets*
A full review was written a while back. I did take this in short bursts when I break out in the past few months, this stuff is effective however, now that I have been using it for almost a year, I found that it's not as effective for pimples arising during "that time of the month". Still a form of treatment that I would recommend for acne sufferers.

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Perfume
The second full size perfume I have ever finished! I did spray this like a mad woman though, it took forever to finish. The scent was a little fruity and island like - does that even make sense?

Rosehip Plus Daily Organic Cream Cleanser*
This is a gentle cleanser and great to use around the eyes. Now that I have finished the entire product, I feel that it's great for removing light makeup (which is what I wear on a daily basis), but if you are wearing heavier makeup, you might want to double cleanse.

See my full review for Rosehip Plus Cream Cleanser here.

Goldwell Ultra Volume Conditioner
This conditioner did not work for me. It turned my hair into dread locks (not quite but  you know what I mean, all bunched up together). I kept giving it the benefit of doubt but the result always ended up the same.

Swisse Hand Cream
This little tube took me forever to use, it's very light weight and hydrating. I don't mind the scent either. This was a sample size so great for my handbag but I had to clean the lid all the time as the product would clog around the lid.

Sunsense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish*
I have heard a lot of negative reviews for this product but I really like it! Since my skin can get quite dry I love that it gives me a little bit of a shine. I can see why oily skinned gals wouldn't like this as it does not have a matte finish. But for me, two thumbs up.

And some small samples that I finished, all were "meh" nothing worth mentioning a part from the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream - which I loved.

I had the courage to throw the above out. They had either gone off, too old or just didn't work for me.

  • Revlon palette - I have had this since I was 21, time to part.
  • Maybelline Color Molten- Another product that just did not work for me, there was barely any colour pay off and the texture was a bit.. strange?! Cushion-y and difficult to use..
  • Sugar Baby Lipstick - Another product I loved but had for years..
  • Minxx Lip Gloss* - Not having a lot of luck with this brand, the lipstick was off when I received it and now the gloss is off .. sigh... (Here's the full review)
  • Oil of Morocco Lip Gloss- I strangely liked this peppermint scented gloss. It was a bit sticky but did my lips well and I got some use out of it. However had it for years.
  • Rimmel Radiance BB Cream* - Oh how I loved this product. Unfortunately the texture has gone funny so I suspected it's time for the bin.(See full review here).

*These products were provided for editorial purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Well done on throwing out that last bunch of products! It's so hard isn't it? I still have leftover SkinB5 tablets too, I keep forgetting to use them when I break out though!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. Good job slogging through all that! It's hard work getting through stuff, really, isn't it? And how great is that Rosehip Plus cleanser?

  3. So many empties, I agree with Maybelline BB cream, it is my current favourite face product.


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