Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Winter Edit: Cold, Cough and Flu ft Brauer Natural Medicine

If you follow my Instagram (@lilynotlouise) you probably know that I was RIDICULOUSLY sick with an awful virus that lasted for over a week last month. Prior to that, my mum was sick with the flu. I blame the tightly packed peak hour trains where people freely sneeze/cough and spray their germs all over me.

I pretty much took the entire week off work and have never felt so awful and I haven't been sick for 2 years! A few months ago I was sent some Brauer products and  really wanted to test them out. Initially I was planning to write a very generic post introducing the product.. but then mum got sick and I got sick... it was bittersweet because I was able to put these natural medicines to the test.

Brauer is an Australian brand providing quality natural medicine solutions since 1929, their products are Australian made! The foundation of Brauer is Homeopathy, based on the principles by Hippocrates. If you don't know who that is, he's the more or less the first Physician who believed that people get sick from environmental factors rather than an act of punishment inflicted by gods. I learned about Hippocrates at Uni and he came out with some pretty bizarre theories in terms of the treatment and causes of Hysteria (Google it!).

Back in the days, Physicians and Psychiatrists were wacked out of their mind in terms of treatment, you may have read up on Lobotomy, Trepanation etc (favourite part of my Psych degree). Like every philosopher/physician's theory, you agree with some and disagree with others.

If you follow me on Snapchat (@lilynotlouise) you would have seen me talk about Brauer a couple of times!

Brauer Manuka Honey Cold and Flu Elixir & Brauer Manuka Honey Sore Throat Spray

These two are my must have combo during the initial stages of my cold/flu/virus. My first sign of symptoms is ALWAYS a sore throat, so sore that I can't talk and can barely swallow. Luckily I found relief with Brauer's Sore Throat Spray!!! It does have a bitter taste and it's not the most pleasant thing to consume and I got use it over time. I love this sore throat spray because it's effective and lasting. I would recommend this over Betadine any day, I gargled Betadine once and accidentally swallowed some, I was horrified because on the packaging it wrote "Do not Swallow".

I can't determine the effectiveness on the cold and flu elixir because I had a virus and it was more or less a waiting game. Mum was quite happy with the elixir as it did ease her body aches.

Brauer Manuka Honey Chesty Cough Elixir & Brauer Manuka Honey Dry Cough Elixir

I took the Dry Cough Elixir while I was ill and it did reduce my cough, usually I'd have a coughing fit every hour. If estimated, I'd say that my cough was reduced by 50% compared to my usual coughing manners.

It must be genetic that when mum and I get sick we always move onto a chesty cough at some point.While she was sick with a dry cough I accidentally gave her the chesty cough elixir. A few days later with half the bottle consumed, she told me how great the elixir was because she did not experience any phlegm or mucus while she was sick! So another effective product.

Because our flu and virus was quite serious, one thing I need to disclose is that I did take Nurofen whilst taking Brauer's natural medicine. Mum took a couple of Panadol and some herbal medicine while taking Brauer. From our experience, we feel Brauer is fantastic as a supplementary solution to assist with symptom relief, especially with symptoms that cold and flu tablets are unable to ease effectively.

What's your view on natural medicines?

Disclaimer: All products featured in this post were provided for editorial purposes. All opinions are my own.


  1. Sorry you were unwell, but at least you're at the end of it! I don't know how I feel about a bitter taste (with the spray), but I'm glad your mum did well with the elixir!

  2. Do you know how much each bottle costs? and Are they good for small kids? Many thanks and I hope you keep up with great posts!

  3. Do you know how much each bottle costs? and Are they good for small kids? Many thanks and I hope you keep up with great posts!


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