Thursday, August 18, 2016

What's in My Travel Makeup Bag? - Umina Beach Edition

I am so happy to be taking a break from work.

Even if it's a short break.

My partner and I are heading up to Umina Beach for a wedding, I've been to the central coast once... and we both know people who commute to Sydney from Central Coast on a daily basis. But for us... it's a bit of a "road trip"... well more like train trip since my car is in service.

My makeup bag is packed with mainly deluxe, sample or travel size products. I did pack a few full size products I can't live without.

To cover my day to day skincare needs. Uni Organics have the perfect little kit!

This kit contains the whole shebang, cleanser, scrub, lip balm, serum and day cream ! This is a fantastic little travel kit -  I will post up a full review post on this kit so stay tuned!

Now for treatment products, hair, body, makeup removal... I've packed some samples.

And the Elucent day cream... well that's for my boyfriend. He loves that it's a non-greasy yet hydrating day cream with SPF.

So far, I have been impressed with Caolion's pore products I can't wait to try their pore pack sample!!

Since we are up for a wedding, I tried to take some of my more bold-ish makeup products. I received a small sample of Laura Mercier's Primer and Benefit's Hello Flawless Foundation it'll be my first time trying this primer and foundation, my skin certainly needs to be flawless!

For eyes, I decided on a fairly naturally looking classic kitten flick so Rimmel is in the bag alongside my Canmake Palette. For lashes, I'm bringing my Factorie Mascara, this is one of my favourite tubular mascaras because it actually hold curls... who knew this clothing brand mascara can turn into a HG mascara.

Since I'm going easy on the eyes, I'm gonna go bold with the lips. L'STAJ is my all time go-to liquid lipstick for special occasions I have Lady Sassy packed and ready to be worn!

I can't wait to share my itty bitty trip with you guys :)


  1. Your makeup bag and the edition is so comprehensive! So many different types of things for a beach holiday.

  2. The Uni Organics skincare kit sounds great! Looking forward to reading your review.

  3. Make-up aside, I'm loving the look of that top/dress in the first pic! Have a great trip.

  4. Love samples for travel. Makes it a lot easier and smaller bag as well.

  5. I am obsessed with mini size things. I always buy the mini too faced products at christmas because they're so cute! Now I just need to travel more lol

  6. So handy those travel size mini things. And i have seen you on Snapchat with red lips, it looks AMAZING on you!x

  7. Hope your enjoy your visit Lily - where you're heading is not that far from where I'm sitting! Shall await your review of the Uni Organics kit with bated breath xxx

  8. I hope you had an amazing time lovely :) I envy your packing skills too! I ALWAYS overpack toiletries and makeup but I am going to try and take a leaf out of your book with some of these goodies! The Uni Organics kit looks perfect, I can't wait to learn more about that from you x


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