Tuesday, September 27, 2016


There are some seriously beautiful fragrances out there, where the scent will turn heads and the packaging will sweep you off your feet. Even after you finish the perfume, the bottle will not make it's way to the bin, rather, it will be used as décor for your dresser.

For the past few months, I have been collecting gorgeous fragrances (by gorgeous I mean incredible scent and mind-blowing packaging) for this particular post. If you are looking for a new perfume, consider any of the following and you won't regret your purchase!


This stunning fragrance by Roberto Cavalli is inspired by the golden rays of sunrise over the crisp blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. I have never been to the Mediterranean but this fragrance reminds of something closer to home. The fresh, woody scent really took me back my tropical experience at Port Douglas where we cruised on small sail boat and snorkelled in the reefs - the definition of Paradiso.

Top Notes: Citrus, Bergamot and Lavender
Middle Notes: Wild Jasmine
Base Notes: Cypress and Cashmere Wood


This gorgeous fragrance was in my Mother's Day Gift Guide this year. I actually did gift this to my mum because it was the perfect present. The fragrance and bottle itself screams sensual and femininity. The scent is definitely floral and slightly sweet with obvious musk notes. Mum is absolutely in love with this perfume.

Top Notes: Lily of the valley, Violet leaf, Pea
Middle Notes: Cedar, Orris
Base Notes: Musk Mallow, Cashmirwood


CK2 made this brilliant unisex fragrance. As a fruity scent lover, this is probably one of my favourite fragrances. It's fun, fresh and perfect for everyday wear. I love wearing this in the morning because I feel instantly more awake and refreshed. I was amazed when I saw Wasabi in the top notes!

Top Notes: Wasabi, Mandarin Orange, Violet leaf, Pear
Middle Notes: Pebbles, Orris root, Rose, Peony, Hedione
Base Notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Incense, White musk


The packaging of Decadence is out of this world, the most stylish bottle I have ever seen, perfect for the dressing table. The scent is elegant and long lasting, I personally feel that Decadence is perfect for formal parties or anytime you want to make a statement. When I smelt this perfume, the first thing I thought of was gown, when I spray this on, I feel sophisticated. You have to smell this for yourself, it's a little bit "darker" than my usual fruity scents.

Top Notes: Plum, Iris, Saffron
Middle Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Orris
Base Notes: Amber, Vetiver, Papyrus


This happy little creation is Miu Miu's very first perfume, launched in August 2015. Miu Miu to me represents youthful, cheerful, cheeky and fun; with bold bright colours and a touch of sophistication. This fragrance is a little bit stronger than B Balenciaga (in my opinion), however the combination of floral/fruity/musk is just incredible. I'm not sure why but I feel that this would be an ideal fragrance for a high tea!

Top Notes: Lily of the valley, Lemon, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Green notes, Rose, Blackcurrant, Peach
Base Notes: Akigalawood, White Musk

So... anything you fancy?
Disclaimer: All products featured in this post were provided for editorial purpose, all opinions are my own.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Scout Cosmetics Illuminate Review + Swatches and Video Demo

My skin can get pretty dry and flaky, so I have always craved a healthy glow on my face, to the point I look at people with oily skin and think "WOW, I want that", I am sure that dry skinned beauties would understand this. We always want what we can't have huh?

Highlighting and conturing has been a trend in the forefront of beauty for the past year, this is something that my past self would have loved - changing your face shape using makeup, WUT!

To be honest, I only started highlighting recently and I can't stop! I use a subtle highlighter on a daily basis and for events, I have been using Scout Cosmetics Illuminate.

If you are not familiar with Scout Cosmetics, I will copy and past their philosophy from their site below:

The SCOUT philosophy is very simple, every SCOUT product must have three attributes:
  • It must be made in Australia from only the highly quality certified organic and natural ingredients;
  • It must be formulated by experts and manufactured to exacting Australian and international standards; and
  • Most of all, it must be effective in looking after your skin, enhancing your natural beauty and be a delight to use.
How good does that sound?


  • I have been pretty obsessed with Scout's Illuminate lately, it produce the most amazing glow (the million dollar effect, not the disco ball effect).
  • Alongside highlighting, I have been using Illuminate as an eyeshadow too, the shade reminds me of Stila's eyeshadow in "Kitten" which has been my favourite for a long time! But uh... without all the nasties.
  • The actual colour of the highlighter is a nude-ish shade, I feel that it works beautifully on olive skin - if you have lighter skin tone, I would highly recommend you to layer the Illuminate on top of your blush or bronzer.
  • The highlighter lasts for up to 3-4 hours, it does fade a little over time - however, keep in mind that I do rub my face subconsciously. The product itself is finely milled so it does not look grainy on your face, it literally just looks like a really beautiful glow (just check the photo below #highlighteronfleek). For those who might be a little bit clumsy when it comes to mineral makeup, so make sure you always close the twist-lock sifter. The other brilliant thing about Illuminate is the ingredients, I can count all the ingredients (even with all the different codes) on two hands.
  • You can watch the product demo below, my camera lets in a lot of light so I look more washed out than usual (Sorry guys, still trying to find a good spot to film!), however the photo is pretty damn accurate of what Illuminate looks like on my skin.
Scout Cosmetics Illuminate is available for $39.95 from https://www.scoutcosmetics.com/

VIDEO DEMO (plus food)

*This product was provided for editorial purposes, all opinions are my own.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Cotton On Body Exclusive Showcase Preview

A few weeks back I attended an exclusive preview of Cotton On Body's showcase containing some pretty awesome products all to be released by the end of  THIS YEAR! Yes! You will be able to purchase everything you see and fancy in this post within the next few months.

I'm not sure about you, but I have quite a few things on my wishlist!

Starting off with swimwear, there are some stunning pieces, from crochet swimwear to bikinis with beautiful embroidery, there's something for everyone, I was given the option of picking a set of swimmers (I picked something that is a little bit low key and I would wear on a regular basis, it's already a pretty significant change for me since the only swimming costume I wear is my one piece Speedo to do laps in the pool).

Brides to be, this is an exciting collection for you! Cotton On  Body is launching a bridal intimates collection, meaning a lot of lace, sexiness and comfy wear (for when you want some down time!).

Cotton On Body is also releasing more non-bridal intimates, I am completely in love with the peach set ESPECIALLY the bralette (see photo below).

Bridal Lace Kimono $59.95

Amber Longline Bralette $19.95

Guys, I had absolutely no idea that Cotton On Body sold skin/body care! These make excellent stocking stuffers and secret santa presents, just check that pastel colour scheme.

Christmas is usually a time for me to wind down, our office is closed for 2 weeks and I get to stay home for some me and family time. Christmas at our place is not too exciting as we kinda have our Christmas decorations up all year round.... (I know, it's so bad). If that sounds like you too, perhaps it's time to make a change this year .. I mean you must, just look at the reindeer sleeping gown and PJ top ($24.95)! Cuteness to the max!

There is also something for Tucan and food lovers, yes tucan/donut boxes and PJs.
Food Instagram is on a high rise, everyone is a foodie, so you might as well complete the cycle with your set of foodie PJs, right?

Bed Time Boxer AU$19.95

Last but not least, Cotton On Body brings you an incredible range of Activewear, whether you are going for a casual jog, a walk, or pregnant. Yes! Pregnant! How thoughtful is that!

There is a Luxe Lifestyle line where the prints may be more intricate but the quality of both Active and Active Luxe Lifestyle range are on par. Cotton On Body's activewear is a lot more affordable than some of the other brands, another win! (Prices can range between $19.95 to $34.95).

Here are a few pieces from some of the ranges that is not included in the photos above just so you can get a better idea!

Cotton On Body Active Range

Guys, I am absolutely over the moon about the new launches. I did my tax return this week and had to back pay a pretty significant sum of money due to my HECs debt.. with that on top of everything else, I am experiencing some financial stress so I really need to think through every purchase. But I am absolutely in love with a few pieces from Cotton On Body's new releases and you will definitely see me sacrificing other beauty needs to pick up some Cotton On Body goodies!

*Lily not Louise attended his showing as a guest of Cotton On Body.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and Hydrablur Primer Review

We are speeding through September aren't we?

I thought it's time for me to put up my Dermalogica review because I have been using these two particular products for a few months and can finally deliver a more reliable verdict. I was first introduced to Dermalogica through a BeautyHeaven event where I had my face mapped at Dermalogical's Head Office in Crows Nest. The experience was unique and insightful, my skin condition was analysed, instead of me telling the consultant what (I think) my skin concerns are, they were able to tell me each concern and locate it on my face. It was incredible! For me, it was severe dehydration, as a result, I was recommended Dermalogica's gentle cream exfoliant and hydrating booster. I love both products sososososososo much!!

Today we will be looking at Dermalogica's famous Daily Microfoliant and Hydrablur primer!

Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer - $70

Hydrablur is a lightweight primer that is claimed to matify oily skin, minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin feeling silky and luminous.

Before I start providing my verdict you guys should know that I don't really prime... only for special occasions, otherwise it's just sunscreen and foundation. Mainly because I don't have a lot of time in the morning and bad experience with some previous primers. I have used a few different primers that promised to minimise imperfections but ended up clogging my pores and causing breakouts.

I can tell you now that Hydrablur is INCREDIBLE. Although I don't have a lot of fine lines and wrinkles, I mainly used this to minimise the pores on my cheeks and it did an amazing job. Upon application my skin looked instantly smoother and my spores reduced significantly. I've been storing Hydrablur in an upright position - make sure you don't do this as there's hydrating oil in the product. Speaking of hydration, although my skin looked matte and silky, Hydrablur did not dry out my already dry skin (however, I do need to note that I am not using this product around my nose, where I would usually experience dry patches).

I highly recommend everyone go to a Dermalogica supplier to try this, because the result was instant for me!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant - $77

Microfoliant is Dermalogica's (I dare say) signature rice based exfoliant that is super duper gentle. It is also the only exfoliant/microfoliant I know of that is suitable for everyday use. The product comes in powder form which is activated once in contact with water is made. This product claimed to exfoliate dead cells, leaving skin instantly smoother and brighter with no artificial fragrances or colours.

 Initially, I was a little hesitant to use this daily as I was told by a consultant that I should not exfoliate on a daily basis. This is also the first powder based exfoliant I have ever used. I usually pour approximately half a teaspoon of powder onto wet hands and rub the formula between my hands until a creamy paste is created. Once that is ready I would massage the paste all over my face. There are tiny exfoliating granules that would eventually dissolve.

The formula is very gentle on my skin and rid all my impurities, how do I know this? After each use my skin is bright and ridiculously smooth (I am serious!!). My skin did not dry out, however I do usually apply a toner or a spray following a cleanse or exfoliating.

There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this product, if you are scared that things might get messy because it's in powder form, don't fret. Check out the dispenser below, it will prevent you from over dispensing or pouring powder all over your bathroom floor.

I loved both products, actually I have loved every product I own from Dermalogica (well I only have 4, but that will change). As a yearly ritual, my friend and I would fork out for half a day at a spa getting treatments done, last year I recommended Dermalogica's Gentle Cream Exfoliant (which is a chemical exfoliant) follow our spa day at Endota and my friend gave me amazing feedback about the product, so it's not just me!

Do you have favourites from Dermalogica?

Disclaimer: All products in this post were provided for editorial purpose, all opinions are my own

Saturday, September 10, 2016

LUSH QVB Flagship Store Exclusive Preview

YAY so happy that the weekend is here! We are so close to Christmas and I am really excited because I get 2 weeks off work and I'm also taking 2 weeks off in November

If you didn't know already, Lush QVB had a do-over! The store is now extended with a lot more space and positioned opposite to Windsor Smith Shoes, not a bad view! The store is absolutely amazing... you guys know how much I go on about the environment and sustainability, right? Well, Lush encompass all my views, another reason why I am a huge supporter.

The store is filled with pre-loved decors, one thing I must mention is that all the wooden shelving you see in the photos below are wood from the harbour bridge - how amazing!

I felt like a kid in a candy store as soon as I entered Lush.

In case you are wondering the whimsical bath bomb that created the work of bath art above is The Experimenter. Just look at the colours!  This is by far one of the most amazing bath bombs I've ever seen, I feel happy just looking at the photo above! Instant mood lifter :)

Now check out the bath bomb tower (yes that's what I'm calling it!) below!

Photo Credit: Lush Australia

I had lovely and gorgeous Lush ladies showing me around the store, talking to me about the different products and putting a couple of different masks on my hand! There is a section for everything, bath bombs, hair, face, body, makeup, you name it! Customer service is ALWAYS impeccable at Lush!

Not everyone knows about Lush's makeup range, I have a few photos below show casing their gorgeous colour and base selections. I have my eyes on their eye shadows!!

Bike n Blend is taking healthy smoothies to the next level, they were at an SBS event I went to last year and thought it was a fantastic concept because you get to blend your own smoothie on a bike! The cycling activates the blender manually. The more you cycle the more it blends!

Photo credit: Lush Australia

All the catering above is from My Little Panda Kitchen, EVERYTHING is vegan AND DELICIOUS. I am not a vegan myself, but I've been trying to reduce my sugar and meat intake (it's super difficult with @theweekendfoodie but it's doable). As a result, I always appreciate those who are able to make and create delicious vegan/vegetarian foods! Seriously, my butterless cupcakes always turn out a bit weird!

I highly recommend everyone to check out Lush at QVB if you haven't already!

Disclaimer: Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Lush Cosmetics Australia

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