Friday, September 23, 2016

Cotton On Body Exclusive Showcase Preview

A few weeks back I attended an exclusive preview of Cotton On Body's showcase containing some pretty awesome products all to be released by the end of  THIS YEAR! Yes! You will be able to purchase everything you see and fancy in this post within the next few months.

I'm not sure about you, but I have quite a few things on my wishlist!

Starting off with swimwear, there are some stunning pieces, from crochet swimwear to bikinis with beautiful embroidery, there's something for everyone, I was given the option of picking a set of swimmers (I picked something that is a little bit low key and I would wear on a regular basis, it's already a pretty significant change for me since the only swimming costume I wear is my one piece Speedo to do laps in the pool).

Brides to be, this is an exciting collection for you! Cotton On  Body is launching a bridal intimates collection, meaning a lot of lace, sexiness and comfy wear (for when you want some down time!).

Cotton On Body is also releasing more non-bridal intimates, I am completely in love with the peach set ESPECIALLY the bralette (see photo below).

Bridal Lace Kimono $59.95

Amber Longline Bralette $19.95

Guys, I had absolutely no idea that Cotton On Body sold skin/body care! These make excellent stocking stuffers and secret santa presents, just check that pastel colour scheme.

Christmas is usually a time for me to wind down, our office is closed for 2 weeks and I get to stay home for some me and family time. Christmas at our place is not too exciting as we kinda have our Christmas decorations up all year round.... (I know, it's so bad). If that sounds like you too, perhaps it's time to make a change this year .. I mean you must, just look at the reindeer sleeping gown and PJ top ($24.95)! Cuteness to the max!

There is also something for Tucan and food lovers, yes tucan/donut boxes and PJs.
Food Instagram is on a high rise, everyone is a foodie, so you might as well complete the cycle with your set of foodie PJs, right?

Bed Time Boxer AU$19.95

Last but not least, Cotton On Body brings you an incredible range of Activewear, whether you are going for a casual jog, a walk, or pregnant. Yes! Pregnant! How thoughtful is that!

There is a Luxe Lifestyle line where the prints may be more intricate but the quality of both Active and Active Luxe Lifestyle range are on par. Cotton On Body's activewear is a lot more affordable than some of the other brands, another win! (Prices can range between $19.95 to $34.95).

Here are a few pieces from some of the ranges that is not included in the photos above just so you can get a better idea!

Cotton On Body Active Range

Guys, I am absolutely over the moon about the new launches. I did my tax return this week and had to back pay a pretty significant sum of money due to my HECs debt.. with that on top of everything else, I am experiencing some financial stress so I really need to think through every purchase. But I am absolutely in love with a few pieces from Cotton On Body's new releases and you will definitely see me sacrificing other beauty needs to pick up some Cotton On Body goodies!

*Lily not Louise attended his showing as a guest of Cotton On Body.


  1. Seriously, what a collection! I'm looking forward to the bridal stuff coming out!

  2. The swimsuits are very pretty, loving the colour and the new collection!

  3. Whoa, what great items, I'm definitely excited for the bridal collection to be released, but I also loved that pink lace set you photographed, it was gorgeous!

    Kez |

  4. That's an awesome collection! Trangles xoxo


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